The top FIVE Tinder terms to help you get a match: Men and women who use these phrases in their dating profile are more likely to get a right-swipe

Finding your perfect match is hard, especially when you’re relying on an internet algorithm to connect you with the ‘one.’

But relationship experts say there are key words that singles should include in their dating profiles to help find their most compatible partner.

Researchers at analysed Tinder profiles belonging to more than 16,000 eligible singles and determined which words are likely to catch the eyes of the opposite sex and secure a more compatible match.

Men should highlight their love for travel, dogs and wine when trying to match with ladies, whereas women should tailor their profiles to mention beer, sports and exercise, the study revealed. 

So, how exactly should you curate your profile? MailOnline reveals the top five words single men and women mentioned most in their Tinder profiles.

Swipe right: The top five terms women like to see in men’s dating profiles

It’s a match: The top five terms on women’s dating profiles more likely to win them a date 

Analysts at reviewed dating profiles of 8,380 heterosexual men and 8,145 women in the UK in an effort to determine which traits were most attractive to the opposite sex.

Relationship experts analysed and categorised words relating to health, eating habits, entertainment and hobbies, and pet preferences to determine which words appeared in profiles the most.

Data revealed that nearly half of women identified as non-smokers, compared to the only 20 per cent of men who mentioned they don’t smoke.

Similarly, a large percentage of men highlighted their love for beer, pubs and a carnivorous lifestyle – which tends to be left out of women’s profiles.

Valon Asani, founder of, said the study shows that certain lifestyle choices, food preferences and preferred pets do influence the attractiveness of a profile.

‘Experimenting with the wording of dating profile bios could be a great way to widen the dating pool and secure more dates,’ Mr Asani said.

‘Hopefully, the results from the study will help singles to highlight these top five words that might have previously seemed unimportant to their dating efforts.’

Top 5 words MEN should mention in their dating profile

1. Non-smoker

The term ‘non-smoker’ is the most frequently mentioned word in a woman’s dating profile, the data revealed.

Experts say 47 per cent of women included ‘non-smoker’ in their profile, suggesting that smoking habits play a significant factor in what a female looks for in a partner. 

Men may want to consider adding their smoking preferences to their profile to increase the chances of a match, the analysts suggested. 

They noted that 20 per cent of men’s profiles are missing the mention of the keyword ‘non-smoker’. 

2. Travel

It’s no surprise that in the era of Instagram posts captioned #wanderlust, 30 per cent of women expressed a love of travelling in their dating profiles.

But only 17 per cent of men mentioned travel in their bio, the study revealed.

Experts suggest, to appear attractive to holiday-hungry ladies, men should consider advertising their adventurous side and feature photographs for past travels on their profiles.

3. Dog

Must love dogs. There’s a reason John Cusak borrowed a dog to impress Diane Lane’s character in the early-2000s rom-com.

To put it simply, women love dogs. Pet preferences may not seem like a priority when seeking a romantic partner, but data reveals that 33 per cent of women find dogs to be ‘very significant.’ 

Data shows that dogs are actually the most frequently mentioned thing in a man’s dating profile, but still women mention them considerably more. 

Relationship experts claim expressing your love for four-legged friends could increase your matches on Tinder.

4. Wine

The old cliché of men drink wine and women drink beer is well documented – if wrong, but imagine the possibilities on offer to a man comfortable enough to brag he drinks both? 

14 per cent of women mention wine in their dating profile bios compared to 3 per cent of men.

Adding a love of wine to your dating profile may secure more matches, as 11 per cent of men’s profiles are missing this detail.

5. Coffee

Signalling you’re into coffee is a great way to let potential matches know you’re not one of those irritating morning people.

15 per cent of women in the study mentioned coffee in their bio. 

In comparison, only 5 per cent of men’s profiles in this study mentioned coffee. 

Advertising your love of coffee might just help you find your perfect match and would also be a tremendous first-date suggestion – because not everyone wants to go to the pub.

Top 5 words WOMEN should mention in their dating profile

1. Beer

Men love beer and it’s mentioned in 16 per cent of their profiles in start contrast to just 6 per cent of women’s. 

Rather than leaving out details of your favourite beer, women might consider adding this to their profile for a better chance of a match, especially as 10 per cent of women’s profiles are missing the mention of the keyword ‘beer’.

 2. Sports

Mentioning a love of sports is one of the key things women neglect to do on their dating profiles according to the experts. 

Amazingly, 10 per cent of men mention their love of sports, compared to just 3 per cent of women. 

Make sure to use the generalised term ‘sports’ for a wider reach; this can act as a conversation starter leading onto your favourite sports, teams and players.

3. Pubs

The pub is about as sacred to a single man as a church is too a priest. 

Single men spend much of their free time within pubs so unsurprisingly they’re mentioned in 10 per cent of dating profiles. 

Adding a love of visiting pubs might secure more matches, as 4 per cent of women’s profiles are missing the word ‘pubs’. 

4. Gym rat

Although women have actually been shown to mention the gym more than men, the specific term that spikes for men is ‘gymrat.’

For the uninitiated, a gym rat is a person who spends an unusually large amount of time at the gym, and 17 per cent of men describe themselves in this way on their dating profile.

Upgrading the mention of the gym to a description of being a ‘gym rat’ could therefore secure women more matches with fellow active men.

5. Carnivore

Finally we move on to eating habits and while different culinary diets are practised by men, the overwhelming majority of them are still meat eaters. 

Of all the diets featured in the study, a carnivore is the most popular descriptor, with 11.07 per cent of men and 10.55 per cent of women describing themselves in this way. 

Although this is a fairly even distribution, more men still describe themselves as carnivores than women. 

Women might consider mentioning the term ‘carnivore’ for a match.

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