When it comes to good skincare on a budget,The Ordinaryis a go-to brand for many beauty lovers and any new launch causes a buzz on social media with shoppers ready to put it straight in their basket or run to the shops.

Whether you're looking for a serum, moisturiser, or a peel, The Ordinary seems to get it right pretty much all the time and the products enjoy the 'viral' status quite often, and rightfully so!

The latest item to be added to the hit list is the Soothing & Barrier Support Serum, now £13.32 here . This product makes some really big promises as it aims to improve your skin barrier in just two hours (we love a fast-acting product, don't we?) leaving your skin soft and plump.

The Soothing & Barrier Support Serumseems to slot perfectly into the hottest trend of the season which keeps your skin barrier at the absolute core of every step of your skincare routine, with the purpose of rebuilding a compromised one and keeping a healthy one safe and protected.

This apparently ‘magic’ serum went recently viral on TikTok with many beauty experts praising its formula, and enthusiast buyers leaving their comments.

A very happy customer wrote this under a @drjennyliu video: "I have very sensitive skin (redness, reacts very fast to cold and hot weather and sun) I've been using it for the past months and I can clearly see improvements. I'm almost done with the bottle and will buy it again".

Another one, under a @carewithkate video, which has over 93K views commented: "I get perioral dermatitis from practically everything and this soothes and heals it better than anything else I’ve tried".

The formula contains lipids and mainly ceramides, which have been recently proven to be extremely popular among beauty enthusiasts because they are naturally found in the skin and are essential for a bright and hydrated complexion. However, because of aging and other environmental factors (with pollution increase being the primary external aggressor), their production slows down causing dry skin, dullness, and sometimes irritation.

This multi-active solution not only helps repair the skin barrier, and soothe discomfort, but it also reduces the look of redness.

One interesting point about this Soothing & Barrier Support Serum is that the formula contains vitamin B12 which is incredibly important but often overlooked when we think about skincare.

Vitamin B12 topical usage is very beneficial in boosting hydration levels and reducing inflammation, and in this case, it also provides its fun, bright, popping pink colour to the serum – but don't worry it doesn't stain your skin at all!

One last brownie point for this serum? It works very well on oily and combination skin because Its formula strikes the perfect balance, being nourishing enough without the need for layering multiple products. Plus, it's gentle enough to avoid overwhelming your skin.

If this serum doesn't quite align with your skincare preferences, but you still care about keeping your skin barrier in check, there are quite a few enticing alternatives on the market – from the Aveeno Face Calm and Restore Triple Oat Serum, £10.71 here , to the Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin™ Daily Vitamin Defense Serum , now £15.50 here , or the trusted La Roche Posay Cicaplast B5 Face Serum £39 here.

Do you already look after your skin barrier? And whether you already do or want to start doing so, are you going to give any of these products a try?

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