As a follow up to the 1988 comedy series Roseanne, starring Roseanne Barr and John Goodman, the working-class family returned in a reboot, The Conners in 2018 and many of our favorite characters continue to enjoy a fan following. It didn’t come without drama, however, as Barr was originally cast in the new series but was quickly cancelled after she sent a tweet, widely considered racist.

That didn’t stop the remaining cast from fighting for another season. Barr relinquished her producer’s stake in the spin-off series and ABC ordered another season soon after.

On the premise that the matriarch of the Conner family has passed away, The Conners series follows remaining popular characters.

Let’s take a look at the net worth of the mega stars that make up the Conner story.

8 John Goodman – $45 Million

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Goodman is known for his many roles in film and television. He’s played the role of Dan Conner, family patriarch in both Roseanne and The Conners. Prior to his role in the television comedy, Goodman landed roles in 1987’s The Big Easy and Raising Arizona. After the first show ended, Goodman continued in the film industry with hits like 1994’s The Flintstones and 2000’s O Brother, Where Art Thou?. He’s also leant his voice to popular animated projects, like the character of Sully in Disney Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. and Monster’s University among others.

7 Katey Sagal – $40 Million

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She’s best known for her role as Peg Bundy in Married…With Children, along with another hit role in Sons of Anarchy, but lately, Sagal has been playing the newcomer to the Conner family, as John Goodman’s (Dan) wife, Louise. Of course, her role as the new member of the family brings drama and lots of conversations with the original family making Sagal’s history of characters perfect for the new role. Ironically, according to Looper, producers thought of Barr first for the role of Bundy, but it ended up with Sagal. Now, Sagal is playing the role of Dan’s new wife, replacing Barr.

6 Sara Gilbert – $30 Million

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Gilbert first became famous for her role as Darlene in Roseanne. She appeared in various television comedies such as The Big Bang Theory and films alongside Drew Barrymore in Riding in Cars with Boys and John Cusack in High Fidelity. In 2010, she created the popular CBS daytime talk show The Talk and served as co-host until 2019. According to Celebrity Net Worth, going into the third season of The Conners, Gilbert was earning $400,000 per episode, approximately $8 million per season.

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5 Laurie Metcalf – $14 Million

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The Uncle Buck star also earned her rise to fame through her role as Jackie in Roseanne. She earned a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 1992, 1993 and 1994. Like Gilbert, Metcalf also starred in The Big Bang Theory and again earned nods for her role as an outstanding guest actress in a comedy series. She has lent her voice to Pixar in the animated hit Toy Story and subsequent films in the series and has held a number of successful roles on Broadway.

4 Michael Fishman – $8 Million

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His first professional acting role was that of D.J. Conner, the youngest of the Conner clan. After a few guest appearances on popular television shows like Seinfeld and Walker, Texas Ranger, Fishman stepped away from Hollywood for a number of years, returning to appear as D.J. in the reboot of the comedy series. Unfortunately, ahead of Season Five of the popular series, Fishman exited at the decisions of writers and production staff. The door is still open for future guest appearances.

3 Emma Kenney – $4 Million

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Best known for her role as Debbie Gallagher on the popular 2011 television series Shameless, Kenney landed the role as Becky and Mark’s daughter, Harris Conner-Healy on the new Conner series. The young star has appeared in other films such as Bittersweet, Day Camp and Robert the Bruce as well as starring in an episode of Boardwalk Empire. The Conners features a star-studded cast of special guests and audiences enjoyed seeing William H. Macy arrive as Dan’s old high school friend, reuniting him with his Shameless daughter, Kenney.

2 Lecy Goranson – $3.5 Million

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She played the role of eldest daughter Becky on the original comedy series but due to her schedule at Vassar College, Goranson could only appear sporadically through seasons five through eight. Eventually, actress Sarah Chalke was brought in to replace her role and the two shared the role for several seasons before Goranson called it quits. She’s had a turn in films like Boys Don’t Cry and The Extra Man alongside Kevin Kline, John C. Reilly and Katie Holmes and most recently, has returned as Becky in The Conners.

1 Jay R. Ferguson – $3 Million

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Ferguson is the son of 1970 and 80’s television actress Bobbie Ferguson. He has made his career starring in multiple television series from the 1990’s The Outsiders to 2009’s Easy Money, but most recently, as Ben on The Conners. His character is Darlene’s ex-husband and boss causing a love triangle between him and David Healy. According to The Cinemaholic, the Mad Men actor is expected to maintain his role on The Conners for the foreseeable future.

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