Whew, are y’all ready for the eclipses or nah? Enter this eclipse season with gratitude and a willingness to move forward. There are two major modalities that will be at play during the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19, 2021 at 3:57 AM EST. (FYI: Lunar eclipses are also Full Moons.) The Moon, which rules over our intuition and emotions, will be in fixed sign Taurus, opposing the Sun in fixed sign Scorpio. These planetary alignments call for us to take stock of what assets, resources, and strengths that we have developed. We may be inclined to hold onto certain experiences, people, and memories that we have accumulated over the years.

According to astrologer and cofounder of the Novaa Network, Tai (@heauxno1curr), “Chaos is simply a catalyst for radical change to manifest in our lives. Just like the Big Bang, if you allow your evolution to unfold, a beautiful universe will emerge.” Soooo, don’t be too shy to release what needs to go, especially because this is an eclipse!!! The universe will help your hand release its grip, and you’ll let go of what is no longer intended to stay in your life.

During this eclipse, unlike the luminaries (aka the Sun and Moon), which are both in fixed signs, the North and South Nodes of the Moon are in mutable signs. Even though we have grown accustomed to and possibly even comfortable with our current set-ups, the mutable energy from this eclipse will challenge us to move towards new networks and the great unknown. There is literally no need to force anything when there are eclipses. Just smile and approach the universe with an open mind and a sense of wonder!

Read your horoscope for the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus:


The way you’ve learned to express yourself as an adult is being called in for a makeover. Not that there’s anything wrong with you—seriously, there’s not! It’s just that who you have been needs to be released to make room for the person that you’re becoming. Letting go of items and outdated belief systems will help you adapt to your current reality. Consider it a renovation of the soul, and you are the stylist!


Well, aren’t you blessed? You’re not seeking aid from others, because at this stage of your evolution, you’re able to tend to yourself. Of course there will be people who care about you and want to see you succeed, but now may not be the time to accept their help. Trust that if you really need the support, you have angels in your corner, but now it’s time for you to make some magic on your own. Try to avoid making emotionally impulsive decisions.


You know you’re powerful beyond belief, right? Gemini, this Full Moon is giving you the opportunity to see your inner light—the glow that exists within you that doesn’t need to be validated by others. It’s important that you remember that you are intrinsically worthy. Even if others have made you question yourself, at the end of the day, you emerge from judgement like a concrete rose. Release the need to hold onto life as it was, so you can start living life as it is.


A word to the wise: You don’t need to know the answers with full certainty. Even though it can be difficult to accomplish your goals without concrete solutions or roadmaps, release the need to prove yourself to others. Your purpose is to create from a place of inner knowledge. Become at peace with silence and let what you create in the upcoming weeks speak for you.


Now that you’re beginning to feel more settled at home, the Full Moon is giving you the burst of energy needed to begin putting yourself center stage. You don’t need to draw purely from your imagination. Instead, let life inspire you and lead you towards your next subject of interest. Dream boards and vision-making with friends is a great way to breathe life into your aspirations.


A surge of emotional interest has the gears in your brain turning! Make use of this time because it will help propel your projects. It’s typical for you to be cool and calculated when articulating yourself, and this Full Moon is encouraging you to release your need to self-sabotage. Let yourself be great, and others will have no other option than to appreciate.


The Full Moon eclipse is bringing you a plethora of learning experiences. This time can come as a shock, leading you towards challenging experiences that you’ll be able to weather. Keep a level mind and a calm approach towards life. Being in alignment with the universe calls for a willingness to learn from your mistakes.


The stars above know that nothing is set in stone, so there’s no use bullying yourself over spilled milk. Relationships are meant to be a temporary fixture in our lives, so try not to cry over beverages that have turned and made you sick. It’s okay for things to expire, and licking the milk off the floor won’t make it last longer.


This Full Moon eclipse is destined to help you leave your mind and start living life out loud. For the next year, you are intended to get out your head and put your focus on your health and wellness. It can be easy to become an expert on what’s going wrong, so make sure you spend even more time paying gratitude towards your blessings.


Similar to Sagittarius, you’re being urged to get out of your head. You can become so consumed by accomplishing your goals that you lose sight of your boundaries and limitations. Rest is a necessary part of the building process, and without it, failure is inescapable. This eclipse is temporarily releasing you from your responsibility, allowing time for play!


Changing up your space is a great way to release stagnant energy. The Full Moon is encouraging you to get rid of items that needlessly occupy space. As time passes, you’ll find that you won’t miss what’s gone and appreciate what has taken its place. Consider upcycling or recreating—there are treasures that exist within your trash.


As the beginning of eclipse season starts with multiple energies at play, you too will have to manage a multitude of matters. The universe is ushering you outside of the world and back into your home. Tend to your space, and pay careful attention to what vibes it gives off. Whatever is no longer aligned with your home should be welcomed to leave, with love.

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