We don’t get to pick our neighbours. They can either turn out to be one of your best friends or your arch nemesis.

But when it comes to our homes we can be quite protective of them – after all they cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds, so it’s only fair we have them looking just the way we want.

And this can result in a fair share of neighbourly disputes. In fact, nearly half of all UK homeowners have experienced a legal dispute or argument with someone who lives next door.

What’s more, is nearly one in five Brits have gone so far as to call the police to report a neighbour.

But what are the issues that seem to cause the most disagreements between our fellow homeowners on our street?

Well, the most common reason is the fence being broken and it’s your neighbour’s responsibility to fix it, according to a new survey by Compare The Market.

A whopping 58.9% of Brits cited this as a source of tension. Following closely in second place was parking issues with 54% of Brits arguing over them.

Parking wars are all too familiar, after all there’s nothing more frustrating that coming home after a long day at work to find someone parked in your bay.

Cutting down plants or trees on your property rounds out the top three reasons for neighbourly arguments – it’s not like trees grow back in a couple of months.

This frustration actually shares joint third place with ceilings or walls being damaged by a leak coming from a neighbour’s property – both of which have been argued over by 51% of Brits.

A neighbour impeding on property boundaries was also a grievance experienced by 50% of the UK.

A lack of bin etiquette and a constant tidal wave of footballs and frisbees being lobbed over the fence are also sore points.

The top 10 reasons why Brits argue with their neighbours:

But if you’re wondering what area of the UK is the most inclined to get into an argument, you are going to have to head up north.

Newcastle residents are the most likely to experience a neighbourly dispute with a blinding 73% of residents having done so.

And while this may make everything seem a little daunting if you were thinking about getting on the property ladder yourself, don’t panic just yet.

Because 62% of those surveyed say they would choose to speak with the neighbour directly in the first instance if a problem occurred. 

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