A teenager wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a "romantic" tattoo – but it went terribly wrong.

Millie Blake, 19, went on a girls' holiday to popular Bulgarian hotspot Sunny Beach when she decided on getting inked.

She was drinking with her pal when the pair spontaneously thought about getting some new "meaningful" tattoos.

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The teen opted for three small star signs above her right ankle, a libra for mum, taurus for dad and pisces for boyfriend Reece Smith.

While she was "proper chuffed" with her body art, when she showed it to the 20-year-old, the couple realised an awkward blunder.

The pair were dismayed to realise she had, in fact, got the wrong tattoo.

Millie ended up getting an Aries zodiac sign, which she thought happened when she showed the artist the wrong Google Image.

She said her boyfriend of almost three years just laughed at her blunder, then she soon found the funny side of things.

The teen, from West Yorkshire, said: "I realised I got it wrong when I got home and told him.

"He came to mine the day I got home and I was like 'I've got something to show you' and he was like 'oh, what have you got?'

"I told him I got a tattoo and he was like 'oh God, what is it?' and I told him I got my parents and his star signs and he was like 'no'."

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She continued: "He Googled it, because he Googles everything, and he was like 'you got it wrong'.

"He was laughing and was like 'I can't believe you've actually done that'.

"I was like 'oh, sh*t'. He was like 'what have you done?' So I've got someone else's star sign on me."

Millie said she already had a tattoo on the back of her neck but fancied "another little one" and paid £26 for her latest.

She decided on star signs as it would be meaningful to her to get her parents and boyfriend's horoscope.

Millie added: "I showed the tattooist a photo and everything and he was like 'yeah, that's good. How big do you want it?'

"When I saw the tattoo I was well happy with it and thought it looked really nice and was proper chuffed with myself."

She was away in the Bulgarian sunshine for a week when she and a friend decided halfway through their trip to get the tattoos.

But she said she didn't post on social media or tell Reece about her new body art until she returned home.

And until now she can't believe she ended up getting it wrong.

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She explained: "Thing is, I Googled it and was like '15th March', put it in and that's what came up.

"I don't know if I clicked on the wrong thing or looked at the wrong one because there's that many.

"It's funny now. When I tell people they just laugh. I told my parents and they laughed and were like 'I can't believe you've done that'.

"I thought it would be quite romantic and meaningful.

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