Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Taureans can look forward to spending time at home with their loved ones and family this month and doing lots of redecorating. You may also see changes in your workplace or career, so keep your eyes peeled! chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Taurus August horoscope for 2021.

You’re enjoying the comforts of home when the month begins, Taurus.

Bex said: “You have most likely spent the last week or so sprucing up your living arrangements, applying yourself to a little DIY or redecorating, or simply appreciating the calm that spending time in your casa brings you.

“This will continue for the majority of August, and family connections also come to the fore.

“Spending time with loved ones and hosting family gatherings occupy your thoughts at this time of year, and you may find yourself speaking more to parents or older relations.

“It’s also a great time to take a trip down memory lane, the Leo Sun will make us all want to get creative.

“Use this as a chance to finally print off those photos, make that scrapbook, or put up the framed holiday snaps from three years ago!”

When the New Moon occurs on August 8, this is your chance to set intentions regarding your home life.

The astrologer asked: “Does your current situation allow you to express yourself authentically? Do you feel your space of nurture and privacy also encourages you to tap into your creative side?

“Are you making time for fun and play at home, not simply the monotony of routine? This is your chance to switch things up a bit!”

Mercury moves into Virgo on August 11 and this is happening in your fifth house so it is going to highlight all of these factors even more.

Bex said: “Since the planet of communication is heading home to the sign of organisation, it lends you practicality that helps turn exciting ideas into achievable goals.

“Creating a do-lo list about how to embrace your most youthful and artistic side merges the best of both worlds!”

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When Venus moves into Libra on August 16, you could notice a shift in dynamics in the workplace.

Bex explained: “A harmonious atmosphere will take over and you might feel especially fond of your co-workers (or just less irritated by them in some cases!).

“Since Venus also rules money, then you could see a boost in your finances in the form of a raise, or could just feel like some of the pressure is taken off you and things are beginning to balance out a little more.

“It also spells the possibility for a workplace romance, or the prospective meeting of a new love interest at the gym, while working out in the park, or when running errands. Love is in the air during this transit, after all!”

Work continues to be on your mind when the Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 22, and the Universe gives you a gentle nudge to leave behind whatever isn’t fulfilling you in your career.

Bex said: “Where are you not able to share persona + unique viewpoints, or really reach for the freedom in your work you desire, especially regarding your creativity?

“This day also ushers in Virgo Season, and for you, this means four weeks of honing your skills and using the array of talents you have in order to dazzle in your chosen field. Prepare to express yourself, Taurus!”

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