THIS abandoned Japanese theme park used to look like something out of hit TV show Westworld.

But now, more than a decade after it closed down, the Wild West attraction seems even more sinister.

The Western Village, which is 70 miles away from Tokyo, is inhabited by crumbling robot cowboys – who are looking noticeably less well-kept compared to the park's opening in the 1970s.

The tourist attraction was inspired by the 1973 horror film Westworld – which was revamped in a recent HBO show starring Anthony Hopkins.

The hit TV programme is set in a Wild West-themed attraction – and features theme park guests romping with robots.

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The theme park closed for good in 2006Credit: Lee Chapman
It is now waiting to be demolishedCredit: Lee Chapman

In 1995, the theme park's owners forked out nearly £20 million to update the attraction – but it closed for good in 2006 and has sat empty, except for its robot guests, since 2006.

Crumbling plastic figures still sit expectantly – while dusty bottles of spirits still fill the shelves.

In 2015 Florian Seidel, a German translator living in Osaka, Japan, visited Western Village – after hearing that it was due to be demolished.

"It was a bit creepy at times, like when you enter a building and see a Clint Eastwood replica sitting behind a desk," he said, some months later.

"It fell into disrepair, which is a shame as Western Village was often used as a film set for promotional videos and movies."

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