The menopause can be a challenging time for many women, with the skin just one of the many parts of the body affected by the change in hormones. Some women noticed that their skin gets drier and less firm during the menopause, while other may find that they break out in spots for the first time in years.

To help with this, Superdrug has just launched a new skincare range in store and online, designed to help to support these skin changes by hydrating, firming and providing comfort to the skin. The B. Menopause range consists of four products usually priced at £13.99-£16.99, but they're currently in an introductory half price offer, meaning that prices start from just £6.99 – so if you're tempted, now's the time to shop.

The key ingredient in the B. Menopause range is peptides, which help to boost the production of collagen and elastin, which steadily drop as we age. Superdrug is calling the Comforting Sleep Cream the hero product of the range, with 71% of testers saying their skin looked as if it had a full night’s sleep after just one application.

Here's a closer look at exactly what's in the range:

B. Menopause Hydrating Eye Cream, currently £6.99 here

This gel-textured eye cream feels cooling and refreshing, and contains two peptides to target elasticity and firmness, plus caffeine to help to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

B. Menopause Firming Serum, currently £7.49 here

A lightweight, everyday serum packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, revitalising microalgae and the range's blend of peptides. The result is a product that gives 24-hour hydration with a refreshing feel that sinks easily into the skin.

B. Menopause Hydrating Day Cream, currently £8.49

This has a fresh-feel texture that cools the skin as it hydrates. In addition to the peptides it also contains niacinamide to help to even skin tone and minimise the look of pores.

B. Menopause Comforting Sleep Cream, currently £8.49 here

Arguably the hero product from the range, as research found that the effects of disrupted sleep was a key concern during this life-stage. The Comforting Sleep Cream had 71% of testers saying their skin looked as if it had a full night’s sleep after just one application, with this increasing to 84% after four weeks use.

Shop the whole B. Menopause range here while it's still on offer.

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