Spring has officially sprung, and everything is blooming. This year’s Spring Equinox occurs on March 20, when the Sun enters Aries and the day and night are equal length. This has been a day of celebration for centuries, offering a chance to start anew. After a long, hard winter, you have an entire 24-hour period to choose yourself and set the stage for the rest of your 2021.

Read your Spring Equinox horoscope:


The Sun is with you right now. Make sure to take the time to fully command this energy! It’s YOUR season—let the world know!


It’s time to get clear and clarify. Take all the time you need to bathe in solitude and observe everything around you. A change in routine will replenish your energetic pool.


You’re feeling very social and interested in connecting. Plan an online event for all your social media friends and see where it can take you. This Equinox should find you focusing on expanding your vision.


A new light is shining on your career ambitions! Don’t be afraid to bet on yourself and your skills. You’ll be amazed where you land with the right intention.


It’s time to evaluate your sense of abundance. Commit yourself to one area of focus and watch it expand for you. You’re no stranger to going after what you deserve.


It’s time to think about yourself. Set an intention for self-empowerment. Your ability to access new levels of inner healing can bring about far-reaching transformation.


Think about what you need right now, and treat yourself to more personal time. Your best self comes with stronger dedication to self-care.


Physical empowerment is key. There’s change brewing here, and it starts with you feeling a little more into your body. Switch up your daily activities, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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Do you feel the creativity and expression in the air? Identify your passion and let it lead you. This is your time to act. Your will, your way.


It’s time to look at your inner life. Focus on the energy you want to feel in your home and let that be your guide. New furniture or familial boundaries could be in store.


Release your thoughts! You’re a natural at bringing people together based on your vision, but now it’s time to have your voice heard. Start the blog, the podcast, the Patreon.


This is a money-motivated period for you, Pisces. Take some time to work on your budget and draw up a financial game plan. Stronger money management skills make way for better opportunities.

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