Barbie mania is sweeping across the globe right now – with everything being painted pink in honour of the new live-action movie hitting the big screens today (July 21).

Barbie collectors are predicting a spike in the value of Barbie merch, seeing as the the hashtags #Barbie, #BarbieTheMovie and #BarbieMovie have received a staggering 53.2 billion views on TikTok.

This means now could a great time to sell any Barbie dolls you have in your loft – and you could earn a fortune!

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With that in mind, insurance provider SO-SURE took a deep dive into the dolls of our childhoods and how much some of them could be worth today.

Here are the seven Barbies that could earn you some serious cash in the attic.

1. Original Barbie (1959)

The “Original Barbie” was introduced in 1959 by the American toy company Mattel.

The very first Barbie had a glamorous face with blue eyes and arched eyebrows. She had bright red lipstick, often referred to as “vibrant red,” and wore blue eyeshadow.

Available with blonde or brunette hair, the original Barbie came dressed in a black and white zebra print swimsuit. The iconic outfit was accessorised with black open-toed heels and gold hoop earrings.

If you’ve got one of these in the attic, you could get anywhere between £800 and several thousand pounds depending on the condition, accompanying accessories and packaging.

2. The De Beers Barbie (1999)

A true fusion of art and fashion, the “De Beers Barbie” is a magnificent creation born out of a collaboration between De Beers and haute couture designer Vera Wang for Barbie’s 40th anniversary.

Dressed in an enchanting gown adorned with 160 diamonds, this doll has dark hair and lipstick giving it an edgier twist to the everyday Barbie.

With a price tag of approximately £65,000, this doll rakes in a pretty penny.

3. Midnight Tuxedo Barbie (2001)

The “Midnight Tuxedo Barbie” is a special edition Barbie doll that was released in 2001 as part of the Official Barbie Collector Club Exclusives.

The Midnight Tuxedo Barbie showcases a sophisticated and elegant look inspired by formal evening wear.

She is typically dressed in a sleek, black tuxedo-style gown featuring a strapless bodice, a fitted waist, and a floor-length skirt with a mermaid or A-line silhouette.

The dress is adorned with luxurious details such as sequins, rhinestones, or lace appliques, adding to its glamorous appeal. The doll may also wear matching accessories like long gloves, a statement necklace, or elegant earrings to complement the outfit.

Created to commemorate Barbie’s 50th anniversary, this doll features a dazzling array of 3,000 shimmering black Swarovski crystals and has a value of approx. £3,800.

4. The Marie Antoinette Barbie (2003)

A tribute to the grandeur of historical fashion, the Marie Antoinette Barbie celebrates the iconic style of the legendary French queen.

Dressed in an opulent 18th-century-inspired gown adorned with intricate lace and lavish embroidery, this Barbie is a true masterpiece.

If you’re in the mood for dusting away some cobwebs and having a look for this doll, there could be a £2,300 reward in store.

5. The Pink Diamond Barbie (2013)

The “Pink Diamond Barbie” is a special edition Barbie doll that was released in 2013 to celebrate Barbie’s 55th anniversary.

This doll wears a form-fitting, floor-length, strapless gown made of pale pink satin. The gown features a mermaid silhouette, a sweetheart neckline, and intricate detailing such as delicate pleats or lace accents.

Adorned with elegant accessories, the most distinctive feature is the “pink diamond” necklace, which consists of a large, simulated diamond pendant hanging from a silver or white gold chain.

The pendant is shaped like a faceted pink gemstone, enhancing the doll’s glamour. In addition to the necklace, the Pink Diamond Barbie may also wear matching earrings and a tiara or a crown, completing the regal look.

The Pink Diamond Barbie often comes in a specially designed box or display case, highlighting its collectable nature. This doll is said to be worth approximately £12,000, so if you have one of these in the attic, it’s worth dusting off your torch.

6. The Karl Lagerfeld Barbie (2014)

The “Karl Lagerfeld Barbie” is a special edition Barbie doll that was released in 2014 as a collaboration between Barbie and the renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The doll embodies Lagerfeld’s iconic personal style showcasing his signature white hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail.

Dressed in a tailored black suit, the outfit features a fitted jacket with metallic buttons paired with a white high-collared shirt and black trousers. Black fingerless gloves, sunglasses, a statement belt, and fashionable shoes make up the rest of the ensemble, reflecting Lagerfeld’s attention to detail and love for accessories.

This limited edition doll initially retailed at £135 but has significantly increased in price, selling for over £8,000 since the designer’s demise in 2019.

It’s important to note that prices can fluctuate based on market demand and the specific features of the doll.

If you’re interested in selling or purchasing one of these Barbies, it’s best to consult with reputable collectors, auction houses, or vintage toy dealers for accurate pricing information.

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