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Siannise FudgeandLuke Trotmanare one ofLove Island’s most glamorous couples but they’re not immune to beauty mishaps and hang-ups – including one grooming issue in that villa that left Luke close to weeping!

"I get a haircut sometimes twice a week, but in the villa they only let us get one once every two weeks," Luke explains, talking exclusively to OK! along with his Love Island girlfriend. "I was almost in tears!"

You actually had a breakdown, didn’t you?” Siânnise laughs. “Your hair grows so fast!”

Siânnise tells us she’s not immune to hair blunders either, including one ill-judged attempt to lighten it as a post-lockdown “boost” (you’re not alone there, Siânnise).

"It made my hair so damaged I had to cut it off!" she says. "I wanted to go shorter anyway, but I'd never put bleach on my hair before. I've always been dark, my natural colour."

"But after lockdown I thought, I need to have a boost. Because my hair is also so dark, it just kept going really brassy and orange-y afterwards. I kept using shampoos to try and make it cooler but it just wasn’t going away. I thought, this is why I've never put bleach in my hair!"

Luckily Siânnise is better at skincare than she is at hair repair, and, during her time on Love Island, she proved to be something of a facial guru for Luke and the other boys in the villa.

"I taught them how to cleanse, I taught them that it's important to moisturise and put a bit of serum on," she says.

An appreciative Luke notes that he got extra special treatment from his girlfriend: "She used to work for Guerlain so she gave me facials almost every day in the villa."

In between helping the boys to nail their skin regime, Siânnise picked up a few "can’t live without" beauty tricks from the other girls in the villa.

"I had never actually used translucent powder before," she explains. "I just used to put my concealer on, a bit of contour, and that was it. But I saw all the girls using this powder and I was like, what is that?"

"Ever since I tried the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (£33.50 here), it’s been an essential. I can’t believe I didn't wear it before."

Siânnise and Luke are now working with Boots, the official beauty supplier for Love Island this year, and are seriously jealous of the stash this year’s contestants have in the villa.

"I see them use certain products that I love and I'm like, I wish I’d had that in there because that's my go-to!" Siânnise admits.

If you like the look of this year’s Love Island beauty booty, you can shop all the products onBoots.comthis summer.

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