My girlfriend is an angry woman.

If she’s not screaming at cyclists, she’s throwing stuff at the telly.

She also likes a lot of sex. She says it helps to burn energy and relieve stress, but getting into bed with her is like going into battle. I’m shouted at, pushed around and subjected to all sorts of indignities.

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The other night she grabbed my member so roughly I thought she would snap it off.

If sex isn’t hard enough for her, she screams at me for being a wimp. How much of this am I supposed to take?

JANE SAYS: You don’t have to take anything you’re not comfortable with.

If your girlfriend is angry and has personal issues, she needs to start taking responsibility for her behaviour and seek professional help.

Nothing gives her the right to destroy your confidence.

Also, pushing you around and physically hurting you isn’t acceptable.

I get the impression that she’s a woman out of control.

You need to seriously consider giving her some space. Don’t feel guilty about getting away. You can’t stay in a toxic situation.


My mate has asked my ex-wife to join him and his sexy young girlfriend in a threesome.

Yes, I know we’re divorced. But surely there are rules? Why ask her? Why not someone else?

My ex-wife is furious that I’ve got involved. She says she wasn’t thinking of agreeing, but now I’ve “stuck my nose in” she’s considering it just to spite me.

She’s being childish and my mate is being a prat. He knows I still love her. I’ve told him that I regret walking out on the marriage.

Yet here he is, pushing for a slice of my pie and I am beyond furious.

JANE SAYS: Your pal is definitely being provocative. Of all the women in the world he invites your ex-wife for a threesome? Interesting…

However, you don’t need me to tell you that your ex-wife can do anything she likes. You and she are divorced.

Stay out of this because it’s none of your business. How would you feel if she attempted to tell you how to live your new life?

Divorce is tough. Getting over a serious break-up takes time and resilience.

Take yourself out of their orbit and accept that he’s no friend and she’s a free agent.

However, if you do still love her – and you regret your split – then does she deserve to hear that?


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