40 years ago (1983) We reported 38 IRA prisoners armed with handguns and knives had escaped from the maximum security Maze prison in County Antrim in the biggest mass jail breakout in British history.

One prison officer died of a heart attack and 20 others were injured as the convicts escaped in a meals lorry. Half were recaptured over the course of the following days but the rest fled to Republican safe houses.

63 years ago (1960) More than 60million Americans tuned into the first-ever live TV debate between presidential candidates Democrat John F Kennedy and Republican Richard Nixon.

Kennedy was regarded as the winner with viewers warming to his good looks and charm.

54 years ago (1969) The Beatles released their penultimate studio album Abbey Road. Mostly recorded in July and August of that year, it was the last album all four members recorded together and featured hits Something and Come Together. John Lennon did not appear on several of the tracks and had already quit the group by the time it came out.

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