A RARE Kew Gardens 50p coin has sold for a staggering £343 as collectors scramble to claim the limited edition piece.

The commemorative coin was only released into circulation back in 2009 but is already worth hundreds of pounds.

The coin recognises the British landmark – famous for its stunning green spaces and scenery – and features the site's iconic Chinese Pagoda.

But what makes this coin particularly valuable are the years 1759 and 2009 which are displayed on either side.

If you find one with those exact dates, your luck could be in.

The most recent one of those has sold for £343.15 on eBay – although it never reached circulation.

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Others have been known to sell for as much as £700, with prices fluctuating depending on a number of factors.

Regardless, the 50p coins are still proving to have plenty of value.

So if you happen to find one, you may want to hold on to it.

It is the circulated one's that are turning up in people's wallets and appearing in their change.

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When the Royal Mint launched the coin less than 15 years ago, it was to mark 250 years since the botanical gardens opened.

However, they only released 210,000 of them as part of a limited edition.

This makes their value incredibly high.

Furthermore, the coin's low mintage has helped it rank as one of the top 10 rarest coins in circulation, according to the Royal Mint.

A circulated 50p coin was sold for £250 in August, thanks to it still being in relatively good condition.

Another sold in March for £234, while one went for £310 after 29 bids a month before.

There was also a coin that sold on eBay for £300.88 after 19 bids in December 2022.

But the scarcity of the coin means it is pretty valuable regardless, meaning you could be in for a nice little cash boost if you find one.

You can get your coin verified by The Royal Mint to reassure buyers that they're paying for the real deal if you try to sell it as this can bump up the price.

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However, if you are looking to add one to your own collection, remember to watch out for fakes yourself.

If bidding on a coin, check how many others are interested as this can provide an indication of how valuable and genuine a coin is.

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