The changing face of Queen Letizia. Royal looks VERY different since her marriage to King Felipe (and a nose job). No wonder her waxwork has been designed THREE times…

  • Queen Letizia has undergone a transformation since her days as a journalist
  • Plastic surgery was followed by a change of hair style and a new wardrobe 

A new member of a royal family can often get a bit of a makeover. 

But Queen Letizia of Spain has had something of a transformation since her marriage to King Felipe VI in 2004.

As well as a hairstyle and fashion overhaul, the journalist-turned-royal underwent a rhinoplasty, or ‘nose job’ in 2008 and looks somewhat different from her days as a newsreader on Spanish TV screens.

Now aged 50, Letitzia’s appearance has changed to the point that the waxwork of her on display at the Museo de Cera (Museum of Wax) in Madrid has been changed twice since it was first created in 2004.

The clothes are different, too. Before her marriage to King Felipe, Letizia’s journalist wardrobe was filled with no nonsense boxy two-piece suits, a staple, which was replaced by a more colourful, feminine style. 

Today, Queen Letizia of Spain, 50, is a style icon, known for impeccable dress sense and long, dark locks (pictured in 2023)

Letizia’s hairstyle, dress sense and facial appearance have evolved since she married King Felipe VI in 2004

Before her marriage to King Felipe, Letizia’s journalist wardrobe was filled with no nonsense two-piece suits (pictured in 2003)

The first waxwork of Letizia was unveiled in February 2004, just before she married King Felipe VI (left); but a second was created after she underwent rhinoplasty  2008 (right)

She was soon spotted in tailored sheath dresses, sky-scraping court shoes and eye-catching jewels, even looking chic off-duty in billowing blouses and the odd pair of jeans.

Letizia’s naturally light brown hair was given subtle blonde highlights and she was not afraid to chop her hair into trendy bob in 2015.

Now, she sports long, dark brown locks which she styles into a sleek blowdry in a completely different look to her early days as a royal.

In 2008, the royal had an operation on her nose, which the palace said was performed because of a respiratory problem.

As a result, the Museo de Cera replaced the first waxwork figure of the royal that had been installed just before she married the then Prince of Asturias to reflect her new likeness.

However, the waxwork was again redesigned and unveiled in 2017 to again mark the Queen’s ‘physical changes’. 

Gonzalo Presa, the museum’s communication director, told Ruptly TV at the time that while public feedback had been largely positive, the ‘social media opinion’ had proved more critical.

He said: ‘This museum is made to remember the characters that have been, and that are part of the history of Spain.

Letizia’s look was to undergo a total transformation after her marriage to King Felipe, pictured in her first official portrait in 2005

Letizia underwent a nose job in 2008 which palace said was performed because of a respiratory problem

Letizia has often changed hairstyle and was not afraid to adopt a trendy bob in 2015 

The journalist-turned-royal opted for more bright colours after marrying Felipe and chose a feminine Felipe Varela guipure lace dress for her birthday portrait in 2012 (right)

‘There will be people who like it a lot, and there will be people who do not like it, or do not like it at all.’

Presa added: ‘The physical changes and the passage of time, but above all the physical changes which the monarch has gone through have forced us to remake its physical image.

‘We believe that this is the best of all, and it is also in our opinion, the one that best reflects the majesty that the character of Letizia is supposed to have as Queen of Spain.’

Before meeting the heir to the Spanish throne, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano whose father Jesús José Ortiz Álvarez and stepmother Ana Togores are both journalists, enjoyed a lengthy career in TV and newspapers. 

Having also worked in Mexico, she was working for popular TV channel 24 Horas, where she anchored the popular Telediario 2 evening news bulletin, by the time she met King Felipe VI.

A third version of Queen Letizia’s waxwork was revealed in 2017 to reflect further changes in her appearance, particularly the darker hair

Letizia was previously married to Alonso Guerrero Pérez, a writer, but the pair divorced after just a year. 

In a statement in 2014, Mr Presa described the queen as an ‘icon of beauty’ but said that her figure was being altered because ‘time catches up with everyone’.

Describing the latest version of her waxwork as an ‘improvement’, he said: What we would like to do is to reflect Letizia’s style and beauty.

‘I prefer this version, aesthetically speaking, to the version of ten years ago.’

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