If you drink alcohol then chances are you’ve woken up from a night out with a gap in your memory – whether it was a Fresher’s wild one or the aftermath of a stag do.

But, most of us tend to wake up in our own homes and not at the club bouncer’s house next to an awkward note…

A pub-goer recently posted a snap of the letter on Reddit after being rescued by the staff member and being allowed to sleep off too many tipples in his spare room.

Some have dubbed the note “wholesome” after the bouncer’s kind act, but others think it was “creepy”.

The recipient of the note explained that they were too drunk to make it home and so the bouncer stepped in to help out.

"DON’T PANIC,” said the top of the letter which, to be fair, we would be.

It continued: “You’re in the spare room of the bouncer you were talking to last night.

“You weren’t in a state to be left alone, wouldn’t/couldn’t get in a taxi, and none of your friends were answering the phone.”

It went on to tell the drinker where all of their missing belongings would be found.

It said: “Phone? It was on the bedside, check under pillow.

“Tightfiting jewellery? On the side.

“Clothing I threw up on? In the washing machine/tumble dryer, there’s some oversized hoodies in the drawers.”

Finally, it told the person what would happen next, reports 7News.

The note read: “What now? Whatever you like, sneak out without a word (follow the road downhill to the city centre), or stay in bed, there’s clean towels on the bannister, possibly food in the fridge.

“A sticker with the WIFi password on it somewhere in the living room, Netflix on the TV, and the dog loves to be played with.”

A generous set up by the kindly stranger you might think.

But, not everyone shared this opinion.

One person wrote: “This is terrifyingly creepy. I would immediately call the police and check for injuries.

“No way this is not premeditated.”

Another added: "This is borderline weird. Take me to a hospital if you’re concerned, not to your house and don’t take off my clothes to wash them."

While a third said: "I'm glad I’m not the only one freaked out by this note… it’s not cute. He's picked up a belligerent drunk with sick all over.

“Removed her clothes (okay, I can understand why).

“Remove her jewellery (weird).

“Then had time to type this out? It also looks like he hit print and does this a lot. I’d be worried.”

What do you think? Would you be pleased or freaked out by the note? Tell us in the comments…

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