Kate Middleton is hailed a ‘master of royal protocol’ for ‘classy’ gesture in resurfaced video of her first joint engagement with Princess Anne

  • A clip from the joint engagement from April 2022 has been posted on TikTok 
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The Princess of Wales has been hailed a master of royal protocol after a video of her during an engagement with Princess Anne resurfaced.

The clip, from April 2022 when Kate and the Princess Royal visited the Royal College of Midwives, was reposted on TikTok.

As the footage showed the Princess of Wales allowing Princess Anne to walk ahead of her, fans have praised the mother-of-three for her deep understanding of royal protocol and for her ‘classy’ behaviour.

During the clip, both Princess Kate and the Princess Royal step out of a car upon arrival at their destination in London. 

Although Kate steps out of the car first, she stands stationary and allows Princess Anne, who is the aunt of Kate’s husband Prince William, to walk around the back of the car and take her place ahead as they both walked into the Royal College of Midwives’ headquarters.

A resurfaced clip of the Princess of Wales and Princess Anne has resurfaced, which shows Princess Kate stepping aside to allow her husband’s aunt to walk ahead of her, as per royal protocol

The video, posted on the social media platform by Francis Page Media, is from Princess Kate and Princess Anne’s first ever joint engagement in April 2022, when they visited both the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. 

During the visit, Kate donned a nude-coloured £400 Self Portrait dress with a structured jacket and skirt, belted at the waist and styled to resemble a two-piece. Meanwhile Princess Anne opted for a teal coat and matching scarf. 

The Queen’s daughter chatted to maternity experts while being shown a demonstration of a new Intrapartum Foetal Surveillance tool, which monitors the safety of babies during labour in order to alert medical staff to start a delivery if the baby’s head gets stuck in the mother’s pelvis.

The clip in question was from the Princess of Wales and the Princess Royal’s joint visit to maternity organisations in April 2022

‘Wedged?’ asked Anne, to laughter.

The princess – who is a mother to Peter Phillips, 44, and Zara Tindall, 40 – then told the group how she feared that would happen to her during one of her pregnancies, adding: ‘I thought, that’s a bit interesting… ended up the right way up though.’

Professor Tim Draycott, vice president of RCOG and Professor of Obstetrics – who was helping to demonstrate the tool, said later: ‘She said she had tripped over in a horse lorry while heavily pregnant and thought that had happened.’

The tool has been developed over the past five years by the Avoiding Brain Injury in Childbirth collaboration, which hopes to pilot it later this year and roll it out nationwide in 2023. 

In the TikTok video from the event, which was reposted by Francis Page Media, the poster explained to viewers why Princess Kate stepped back and allowed Princess Anne to walk in front. 

As the clip plays, the caption reads: ‘See how Kate happily hangs back to let Princess Anne come through first?

‘It’s because she knows that without her husband [Prince William], she walks behind other senior royals.

‘She is a master of royal protocol.’

Responding to the clip, royal fans praised Princess Kate’s demeanour and the way in which she carries herself.

One royal fan said: ‘She’s just respectful and understands her role and responsibilities.’

Another commented: ‘True respect and class all the way! Classy lady.’

Others argued that the seamless movement between the two royals was a sign of ‘mutual respect’ between the pair. 

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