While Prince Harry continues living life in Southern California and away from the British royal family, royal observers continue watching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from afar as Harry and Meghan await the birth of their second child.

Some have been taken aback by some of Harry’s comments about his family since living in the United States, as he recently had a few things to say about Prince Charles’ parenting skills that he believes are hereditary, according to Page Six.

Friends of the late Princess Diana are particularly keen observers, and one such friend sees a lot of Diana in her youngest son, according to US Weekly. Stewart Pearce, who coached Diana on voice and presence and is the author of “Diana: The Voice of Change,” notices a definite physical resemblance between Diana and Prince William, Harry’s older brother. But when it comes to personality, he reports that Diana’s personality shines through.

Prince Harry is definitely his mother's son

In his book that is set to be published in June of 2021, Stewart Pearce muses on both Princes William and Harry and their beloved late mother. Diana was killed in a 1997 car crash in Paris with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. The pair was trying to flee the paparazzi when the crash occurred, according to Biography.

“Harry, in terms of his impetuosity [is Diana],” Stewart Pearce said, according to US Weekly. “Harry, in terms of his intuitive explosions of energy, [is the most like her],” he continued. “I suppose, slightly, William from the external point of view. But Harry from [his] wonderful ebullience [and] passionate [personality embodies his mother]. He’s the guy. He loves life. He has fun.”

Pearce also likens Diana to Meghan Markle, finding similarities between their personalities and the way both women were introduced to royal family duties.

“”What was extraordinary from the very beginning, from 1981, is that she was really not given a tremendous amount of advice. It’s sort of within the royal family, it’s assumed you will either grow through it, or, you know, [you’ll sink]” Pearce said of Diana.

He then compared Diana to Markle: “She was given very little advice, but being the smart woman that Meghan is, she really made a lot of inquiries. Whereas Diana, I feel that she was so in love with Charles that she thought that he would assist her” (via US Weekly).

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