Prince Harry discusses son Archie's future at Invictus Games

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kicked off the Invictus Games on April 16, paying tribute to the all of the competing veterans, particularly the Ukraine team. The games will run throughout this week. Body language expert Judi James analysed Harry’s speech exclusively for 

The first part of Prince Harry’s speech spoke wonders, despite the fact that he did not speak at all.

Judi explained: “Harry’s speech creates power and drama via silence.

“His ‘overwhelmed’ thirty second start that includes a standing ovation allows for a raising of support from the audience as they get to study his emotional responses via his body language before they hear his words.”

Gazing at the crowd in wonder, he accepted raucous applause with a real sense of humility, using gestures like a two thumbs up and small smile to convey his feelings.

When he did speak, his first sentence, directed at Meghan, was informal and set the tone for the next few moments.

Judi stated: “His ‘thank you my love’ shows a desire to be open and sharing in terms of those emotions as this is a very personalised way to speak to his wife in front of the eyes and ears of the world.”

This “intimate” as opposed to a rehearsed, more formal start “helps increase the sense of being one big Invictus ‘family’”, according to Judi.

This human touch was further emphasised by the kiss the couple shared, a short but sweet public display of affection.

His opening line spoke to his love for us wife, and his willingness to allow the audience a glimpse into their marriage for a moment.

If his first “emotional outburst” defined his love for Meghan, his second “defined his love for his audience”.

He did this in stating: ‘God I’ve missed you’ rather than ‘God I’ve missed this’, solidifying a bond with the veterans that Meghan had tried to introduce in her own speech.

Prince Harry even followed up this statement by letting out a small chuckle, as if among friends.

Judi stated: “With these two strong and spontaneous-sounding declarations of love he turns into his actual speech, which consists of more heartily-structured and meaningful soundbites.”

These included motivational phrases including “the world needs to be reminded of the power of the human spirit”, “heal and come back stronger” and “the best version of yourself”.

Judi continued: “These are familiar phrases in the world of positive thinking and coaching but clearly well-suited to the event and its context.

“‘Welcome back’ is powerful and personal and it is followed by much more personal stories about Harry’s family and goals.”

Touching on the crisis in Ukraine, Harry said: “You know we stand with you – the world is united with you.

“My hope is that this event creates the opportunity and how we as a global community can better show up for you.”

In saying this he collectivised himself and the veterans with a goal to help support a global issue.

The Prince later went on to speak about his son Archie, and how he hopes that once day he will have the strength of character as the veterans before him.

He ended his speech by thanking the veterans: “You have the heart of Invictus and your collective stories will be woven into the history books.

“For that we thank you.”

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