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    A Playboy model claims she makes content for her OnlyFans in the costumes she dons for Instagram skits – and her subscribers love it.

    Francia James, also known as @Francety on Instagram, is known for performing comedic skits dressed as an array of characters on her social media.

    Her most notable content, gaining thousands of likes from her 11million followers, includes a No Nut November Nutcracker, a Spider-Man parody 'Spider booty'.

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    But the 32-year-old makes the most of her content as she claims she creates exclusive content in the paint for her OnlyFans subscribers as she enjoys catering to costumed fantasies.

    She added: "Every time I do a character or body paint there is definitely an additional scene filmed just for my subscribers.

    "I love making my OnlyFans videos with the characters I create. It keeps my audience on its toes like what is she going to do next."

    The news comes after Francia defied the backlash she received after donning nothing but body paint to a shopping mall by getting an Uber in the same look.

    Francia James, 32, shared a video exclusively with Daily Star of her getting a lift from an Uber driver dressed as the 'Nutcracker' in a costume made entirely of body paint.

    In the clip, which is part of her new No Nut November series, the driver was heard calling her by her Instagram name, saying: "Uber for Francety?"

    To which, the Latina OnlyFans star replied: "Ci, Ola! Can you please take me to where ever I will find a lot of nuts please? Let's go, let's go! Please, quick!"

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    Francia initially went viral for the 'Nutcracker' look in a jaw-dropping video from November 2021, where she was seen walking around wearing the body paint and a thong.

    She was seen handing out nuts to passersby before referencing No Nut November but was later removed from the building.

    The model had vowed earlier this year to bring back the look to celebrate the internet trend that promotes abstinence for the month.


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