Excuse you! Pet owners share hilarious images of cats and dogs who won’t give them any privacy in the bathroom

  • Social media users from around the world shared pets who were overly needy
  • One snap shows four cats in a bathroom who won’t stop staring at their owner 
  • In another, a dog peeks behind a shower curtain while its human takes a shower

Pets need love, that’s a given, but sometimes they take their need for attention a little too far. 

Owners from around the world have shared snaps of their furry friends being extra needy at inappropriate times.

One owner trying to relax in the bath was met with the unsettling sight of four moggies staring back at them, while cats’ ability to climb comes in handy for scaling the shower rail to check out what’s going on. 

Similarly a golden retriever couldn’t resist poking his nose around the shower curtain to investigate as their owner soaked in the tub. 

Are you feline relaxed in there? It’s not only the amount of cats looking at their owner in the bath, but the expressions on their faces that really make this unsettling 

What are you looking at so intently there, doggo? This adorable golden retriever has literally zero boundaries

If you’re a cat and you see your owner wanting to dry their hair, the best option is to climb their head towel to help 

What?A cat may look at a queen, and a cat may certainly look at their human scrubbing themselves

Joining forces. There was not fighitng like cat and dog here when this furry pair decided to invade the bathroom to check out what was going on  

A bath for two anyone? This black kitty isn’t being needy but simply wants to conserve water

Meow, let me in! There’s absolutely no chance this cat will stop making noise until they get what they want

Every sud you make, every shower you take, every dandruff you flake, this cat will be watching you

They say that ‘me time’ is important, but what could be more fun than watching someone take a bath?

Water you doing? This stripey feline seems to have got itself trapped in a sticky situation while trying to be sneaky

Excuse me? This naughty moggy is taking a closer peek at their owner in the bath, which is bound to be disconcerting

This poor little kitten got more than it bargained for when it decided to walk through the open bathroom door and take a peek

Room for two more! This furry pair seemed keen to hop in the bath with their owner 

By any means necessary! One tenacious cat is quite vicious about getting where they need to be

What a shock! Well, that’s what you get for wandering into a bathroom you weren’t invited into, little cat!

These kitties look much more perplexed at the bath water than the naked human in front of them

Didn’t you know that the most comfortable spot in the house is on top of the shower rail?Well you’re missing out

Tap tap tap! At least this furry little friend is asking politely to enter rather than just barging in, who could say no?

All of in your business! This grey cat demands to know what their owner is doing, and with that stern look, they had better be told immediately

Woohoo! What are showers if not climbing frames straight from the circus cat’s absolute heaven?

This fine gentleman looks like he is not invading but waiting for the paw technician to preen and decorate his claws

Just testing the water! One moggy proves not all cats are scared of the bath, in fact, some love it

Now, that’s an excited face if ever we saw one! That or it’s the face of a cat who has just been confronted with a human bottom

Excuse me sir, I’m here to talk to you about car insurance! One professional kitty doesn’t know when to quite the pitching

Would you like highlights or lowlights? One professional kitty awaits their client for a hairdressing appointment

Get out, can’t you see this is occupied? Three moggies sit on the loo and scowl at the rude interruption

You’ve been in here long enough! What do you think you’re playing at, come and feed me immediately!

Excuse me? One little kitty wants attention immediately and will makes their eyes huge until they get it

Just going for a swim, don’t mind me! Who said that baths weren’t big enough for two? They certainly are

What’s that? These judgemental kitties have spotted something they don’t like and it must be dealt with forthwith

Mum, I’m bored! This lonesome pup needs some entertaining sharpish, and no it can’t wait until the end of the bath

Three, two, one, pounce! Well cats are related to lions after all, so be careful where you put the rubber duck

Guess what, guess what? This gossipmonger couldn’t wait until their owner were finished to tell them the good news

This is the face of a cat who has just been pushed by his brother and ran to tell his mother right away

What are you looking at? This cat hasn’t wandered into a human’s bathroom, in fact it’s quite the opposite



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