Sage signs! Amusing pieces of life advice you WILL want to follow

  • People around the world have been sharing their best titbits of advice 
  • Bored Panda has collated some of the most hilarious guidance out there
  • READ MORE: unfortunate people who are definitely having a worse day than you 

Over the course of a day you will be faced with a lot of varying advice from people and from time-to-time will be asked to dish it out yourself. 

People around the world have been sharing some of the most honest titbits they have seen, including checking if someone’s sadness is down to a bad haircut – it’s happened to us all. 

Bored Panda has collated some of the most hilarious help out there, with one woman in Arkansas following the doctor’s advice to the letter and installing a bar in her shower, albeit a wine bar. 

Here FEMAIL has rounded up some of the best guidance out there… 

Can we twerk it out? In Oregon someone is dishing out some harsh dancing lessons, which could be for everyone’s benefit 

Waddle I do? In New York Wegmans supermarket is putting safety first and advising its customers to walk their best walk on ice 

Sweet dreams are made of this! In Australia this promo site has your best interests at heart in more ways than one – a good night sleep and reaching for your ambitions 

Violence never solved anything! In the US state of Utah, motorists are encouraged to embrace the festive spirit when angered by other drivers 

A, B, C…! New York-based author and comedian Demetri Martin is going to extra lengths to help out his readers 

Throw back Thursday! Elsewhere in the US one cafe bar is offering its customers a mixed bag of advice for when times were more simple and less chaotic… unless they drink too much

Men take note! In an unknown location one restaurant is following their insurance policy to the letter and hands out some useful advice, worth taking 

C’est Syrah Syrah! One smart woman in Arkansas has taken her doctor’s advice very seriously and installed the bar he recommended 

Solid advice! In an unknown location a community has each others’ back and is sharing some common sense advice 

Pizza advice! This pizza restaurant in New Hampshire has discovered some brilliant new hacks for having your pizza and eating it 

Bad hair day! We’ve all been there so it’s important to look out for each other when it comes to a bad day at the hairdressers 

Make it through the day! An establishment in Idaho is taking care of its customers everyday and offering a friendly reminder 

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