DEAR DEIDRE: EARLIER this year I went to Poland for a penis enlargement operation.

I am 31 and was assured the surgery would increase my length by an inch.

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But the opposite has happened – I’m almost an inch shorter than I was before. I’m only five inches when aroused.

And that is simply the beginning of my problem.

Since the op, I can no longer achieve a proper erection yet sex is over very quickly – much quicker than before.

And now my manhood looks deformed, with nodules and lumps under the foreskin where the injected fat has been unevenly distributed.

Added to all this I have a huge, scar and there is a big dip below my navel which was supposed to disappear, but four months on is still very visible.

I’ve been in touch with the surgeon, who insists the arousal problems I’m going through are because of my mental state.

He says that the operation went well and that it is still too early to tell.

This surgery was meant to improve my confidence and life, not make it worse.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is understandable that this has been a very distressing time for you.

Please go and see your doctor here in the UK as, by law, any complications that arise from private cosmetic surgery abroad will be covered by the NHS.

I do hope that your surgeon is right and it is simply taking you longer to recover from your operation than you thought it would.

I’m also sending you my support packs Penis Size and Premature Ejaculation, which will give you lots of further information and advice.

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