An optical illusion is able to tell if you are a true romantic or a free spirit when it comes to relationships, according to some. 

This mind-twisting art piece shows a black-and-white couple laying down and embracing, but both the man’s and woman’s faces blur together, meaning the viewer can only see one face at a time. 

The picture by the painter Sonia Lewitzka and shared by Scoop Whoop, can either show a woman resting her head on the man’s shoulder with the man’s face buried in her neck or will show the woman’s face hidden on the man’s other shoulder, revealing the man’s face 

Although there are no wrong answers when it comes to this puzzle, which faces you see first will reveal something about your personality and how your like to approach love, it’s said.

According to some, the picture will reveal something different depending if you are a man or a woman. 

If you are a woman and saw the man’s face when you looked at the picture, it is highly likely you love the idea of love. It means you are a hopeless romantic who would be happy in a long-term and stable relationship. 

However, if you saw the woman’s face first in the illustration, it means you are very independent and live by your own rules. You are not necessarily looking for love, as you are a non-conformist who enjoys making her own way in the world. 

If you are a man and saw the male face first, it means you are likely to be very compassionate. The picture reveals you love to help others and make them happy, showing you have a very caring personality. 

Men who saw the woman’s face first may be trying a little too hard in their relationships.

You are looking for a long-term relationship but may need to focus inwards for a while and take some time to cool off before approaching a relationship. 

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