A model has wowed followers when she shared unedited versions of her sexy photoshoot.

Former Playboy Playmate Fabiana Britto stunned her legion of fans when she posted pictures from a shoot in the streets of Italy.

The beauty had a baby just a few months ago and she's already back to her workout routine and healthy eating.

She said: "Becoming a mum made me realise the awful world of self-conscious body image we live in.

"I realised I was being part of the problem, and not the solution. So I decided to do something about it.

"I hope body-shaming and the idea that everyone should fit an identical ideal of body perfection is no longer a reality."

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The influencer continued by speaking of how she hopes this generation no longer has to deal with body image insecurities.

She added: "I hope this generation no longer has to experience body dysmorphia and other body image related problems."

Fabiana recently revealed the "secret" to getting her pre-baby body during the pandemic.

The super-fit beauty gave birth to her first child and managed to tone up in less than a year.

On social media, she explained how she often uses her baby's accessories to exercise.

She admitted: "I do one hour of yoga every day and it's changed my life."

And the model pointed out that she practiced the relaxing exercises throughout her pregnancy to stay in shape.

Fabiana noted: "Since I got pregnant I have been doing yoga, I think it helped to strengthen and tone my butt and legs."

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