Mrs Hinch shows storage items that keep house 'clean and tidy'

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The trick comes in handy now that the plastic bag charge has doubled from five pence to 10p as of today. Shoppers will see the increase in all stores across England.

This hack is also perfect for those tired of having the plastic grocery bags stuffed under the sink or taking a lot of space inside a cupboard.

Naga has shared a very useful method to fold plastic bags.

In a video, she explained: “Lots of people we find have plastic bags like this, they scrunch them up and chuck them into cupboards and that takes lots of room.”

She then showed how easy it is to turn a bag into a small and easy to store triangle.

The presenter started by flattening the bag.

It’s important to make sure you get all of the air out of the bag.

Also, it helps running your hands across the bag to smooth it out.

She then demonstrated how easy it is to turn a large size plastic bag into a tiny triangle in less than one minute.

She folded the bag lengthwise.

She then repeated this process until the entire bag has been folded into an even rectangle, the same width as the base of its handles.

This step typically takes a total of two or three folds, although it depends on the size of the bag.

She then folded the left side in, and then the right to create a tiny square.

Finally, she created a tiny triangle from that small square.

She then folded the pointed tip under the handle to secure it in place.

“You fold the bag into thirds, make triangles, and then you literally slip it over,” she said.

This storage hack could certainly transform one’s kitchen cupboard or drawer.

The presenter promised this was one of the best storage solutions.

She demonstrated the full process in only a few seconds and said it was “really easy”.

This trick will be very useful now that the price of a single-use plastic carrier bag has increased today from five pence to 10 pence.

This will be applicable to all stores across England.

Before, only businesses with 250 employees or more had to charge per bag.

Smaller shops were able to choose whether to apply the fee.

All stores in Scotland already charge 10p for single-use bags.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, however, retailers still charge only five pence.

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