DEAR DEIDRE: MY brother is the proudest dad ever, yet his partner treats him like something nasty she’s found on her shoe.

My niece was born during the pandemic. My brother’s partner won’t let anyone in our family hold the baby which I get, but she’s horrid to my brother.

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I’m 29, he’s 26 and she’s 23.

She gets angry with him and accuses him of “not being there emotionally” for her before she gave birth.

When they go out to friends she belittles him, saying: “Doesn’t it make you feel bad when you see how good the other dads are with their babies?”

He does everything for her and the baby. He’s called me a couple of times and broken down on the phone.

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She’s not showing him any affection. Apparently he tried to hug her when England reached the next round of the Euros and she pushed him off her and he hit his head on the wall. I worry about him.

DEIDRE SAYS: It’s natural to be worried but only he can decide if this relationship is right for him.

If he feels it is abusive, he can find help through Men’s Advice Line (, tel 0808 801 0327).

He could tell her that the dynamics of their relationship seem different and he is unhappy.

If her behaviour has changed since before the baby was born, she may be suffering postnatal depression. Pandas Foundation (, tel 0808 1961 776) can help.

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