DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend’s phone habit is getting in the way of our relationship.

He’s glued to it morning, noon and night – either checking his emails, chatting to people on social media or reading stories.

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We’re both 19 and have been together for a year.

He even looks at his phone in bed at night and as soon as he wakes.

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I’m not sure what to do.

I’m fed up, and worried he’s not interested in me any more.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s so normal to stare at our phones these days that it can be hard to realise when it’s become a problem.

But if he is neglecting you and on it 24/7, things sound like they are out of control.

You need to talk to him and say this is worrying you.


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Perhaps he could agree to limit his time on it, taking breaks or switching it off for an hour sometimes.

My support pack Standing Up For Yourself will help.

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