DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend tells me his job is more important than our relationship. If that’s how he feels, I want out.

He travels a lot, so we don’t get together too often.

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But even when he is in town, he doesn’t always arrange to see me.

We are both 31, so we’re hardly teenagers. I’m a woman who wants a future with somebody.

We argue because of the way he treats me. We haven’t patched things up since our last argument.

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I know he doesn’t actually love me.

Blocking him on social media seems childish. But how do you forget somebody whom you love but who always hurts your feelings?

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is always hurtful being rejected and there is no easy answer.

Sometimes we are drawn to relationships we know are not good for us.

You have made up your mind that he’s not right for you, so my Ending A Relationship support pack will help you bring things to a close.

Once you have told him, catch up with your friends and have some fun.

When you meet somebody new, make sure you are top of his priority list.

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