DEAR DEIDRE: MY 13-year-old stepdaughter is hanging out with a 16-year-old boy who uses cannabis. I’m worried sick.

She’s had problems. She was taken away from her mother to live with her dad when she was 11 because of her mum’s mental health and addiction issues.

I am 43 and got together with her dad, 50, four years ago.

I’ve told her I don’t want her seeing this boy.

He lives two doors down and I’ve seen him smoking weed. I know he’s been excluded from school.

I caught her googling oral sex on her laptop and I’m scared she’s getting into sexual stuff with him.

I also worry that she’ll get into drugs as well, trying to impress him.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Her dad should be taking the lead on this and I would imagine she is more likely to pay attention to what he says to her, despite your good intentions.

Support him but don’t let him dump the responsibility on you – it’s not good for his daughter’s self-esteem.

If you try to ban this boy she may see him behind your back and is more likely to be vulnerable to his influence.

Tell her she can see him in daylight hours, for a walk.

Be kind to him as he’s probably had a tough time too.

My support pack on Troubles With Teenagers explains where you and her dad can find support.

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