A dolls’ house enthusiast creates tiny dishes, including takeaways and sushi, which are sold to collectors as far away as America — after teaching herself on Youtube.

Roz MacLean, 41, started selling the incredibly realistic-looking micro meals — no bigger than a 2p coin — in November 2019 after she made one for her mum’s dolls’ house.

Her designs range from sushi to fish and chips, complete with takeaway container, and even a full roast dinner.

The pharmacy technician taught herself how to make the minuscule designs four years ago by watching YouTube videos, having always had a love for all things miniature.

Roz, of Inverness, makes the unique items out of polymer clay by molding them into shapes, then using chalk pastels, blades, and even a toothbrush to get the detail, before putting them in the oven for 30 minutes to set.

After uploading her items to craft website Etsy, Roz started to get attention for the designs, with people requesting custom designs from as far away as the US.

The price of the tiny meals range from a fiver to £25, depending on the design.

Mum-of-two Roz said: ‘I got my first dolls’ house when I was 20 and I’ve been collecting miniatures for years.

‘I thought, “I’m going to start building miniatures myself”, so I started designing things about four years ago after teaching myself through YouTube.

‘I’ve always loved miniature items, it’s always fascinated me making things so tiny.

‘The idea of making meals just came from a love of food, and how much fun it would be to design these meals.

‘I have always been fascinated by the sheer size and the detail you need to put in — with food it works so well as you can get proper realism with the clay.

‘I made a meal for my mum’s dolls’ house when she suggested that I sell them online.

‘I went for it, and it’s been a great reaction. It’s fabulous to see, I love when someone sends me a picture of my meal set up in their dollhouse.

‘I get specific messages for what people want, depending on their house. For example, I recently made sushi.

‘It takes hours, and sometimes a full day, to make one meal.

‘If someone requests a decorative cake, it can take a while.

‘The designs are for adult collectors, that’s my main customer base.

‘I post to America quite a lot.’

Roz has said her family has been a great support, with husband Scott, 36, letting her convert the spare bedroom into a workshop, and her two young children Riley, nine, and Rudy, four, even help with the designs.

Roz added: ‘My husband has been brilliant and even let me take over the spare bedroom to work from.

‘I have two boys, so they’re not as interested in dolls as when I was at their age, although they do sometimes help with the designs.

‘I love doing it and I’m enjoying just building up my shop.’

See more of Roz’s designs at MyMiniMakesByRoz

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