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A mum was highly amused when her six-year-old boy completed a picture of anatomically correct male and female bodies – with some very creative spellings.

In a video she uploaded on her @kellxoTikTok channel, Kell shows off her son's handiwork about the "physical differences between boys and girls" and is in stitches when she gets to the private parts.

"My six-year-old's work," she explained, briefly reading all the bits out loud, before descending into giggles.

The penis on the man is annotated with "peenus" and the female character's vagina is written as "vshin".

Some other interesting bits were the "nippuls" on the chest, with the woman also having a pair of "dreasts", and what looks like "toas" on the feet.

The video was watched more than 400,000 times since it was uploaded on Tuesday (July 20) and people found it hilarious.

One viewer joked: "That's it I'm calling it vshin from now on, too funny."

"I howled at this," said a second user who was in stitched.

A few parents were horrified at the idea of youngsters being taught the words "vagina" and "penis" at school, but other people pointed out it was simply useful information.

"Too much too young," fumed one.

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A second user confessed: "They just told us girls have longer hair than boys and we believed that until year five."

Someone else wrote: "Nothing wrong with learning the correct names of body parts.

"Parents who think this is too much are setting the kids up for failure."

A third user wrote: "I can't believe people are upset about this.

"Knowing body parts protects children from abuse."

This comes after a mum was shocked when her young daughter appeared to have unknowingly drawn a sex act in the background of a family portrait.

And a mum was howling with laughter with nursery staff when they showed her the x-rated picture of a slide her daughter had drawn.

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