SHOPPERS have been left shocked to find that M&S is selling a dinner staple for less than major supermarkets.

M&S doesn't often rival places like Aldi when it comes to discounts but one social media user seems to have found a bargain.

TikToker Mafnetworkinglifestyle took to the app earlier this week to share that Marks & Spencer is selling various packs of chicken for under £2.

In the video, she showed packs of M&S "Remarksable Value" chicken leg portions which were priced at £1.20 for 600g, 750g of chicken wings for £1.30, and 600g of drumsticks for £1.25.

The post was titled "Is M&S expensive?" and the woman can be heard saying: "Don't let anybody deceive you that Marks and Spencer's is expensive.

"I mean where can you find chicken for £1.30, even in Morrisons they are like £3."


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The video has been viewed nearly 800,000 times and has amassed hundreds of comments from people who don't quite believe their eyes.

A commenter said: "That's good the price of the chicken in Asda is though the roof."

One woman wrote: "I used to be Lidl loyal but since discovering the M&S app for savings etc I'm converted they are very competitive now with other supermarkets."

While another said: "What Marks and Sparks are you goin! My local I have to pay £4."

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Another woman commented: "This is really good never seen anywhere that low prices I got in there a lot."

And one also said: "I might have a look in – at least for some chicken!"

How do the prices compare?

The cheap prices in the video do appear to be exclusively in-store , as when we checked Ocado each item was around 30p more.

To see if these prices were cheaper than Morrisons, we compared the £1.30 chicken wings to other major supermarkets for price per kg.

In M&S, the TikTok video shows the wings as £1.73 per kg, whereas on the Morrisons website you would pay £1.99 for a kg.

Comparatively, in Aldi it's slightly cheaper as you can pick up 1kg for £1.85, but still not as low as M&S per kg.

Tesco is offering the same price per kg but sells its wings in 900g to 1.2kg packages so you pay £1.94.

Asda does not have the equivalent wings product but it does sell chicken legs for £2.50 per kg, which is 50p more than the M&S in-store price.

But again, Asda is selling containers of 1.6kg so they cost £4, whereas M&S's 600g costs £1.20 in store.

It is definitely worth noting that the container size will determine how much you pay at the till.

So, when deciding where to shop make sure you assess the price per kg and also the portion size you need.

Also, prices change from day to day depending on specific offers that might be on.

We recommend using an easy website like to check the prices of items in major supermarkets and see how they compare.

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