MrBeast, master YouTube showman, cash-giveaway artist and philanthropist, is launching “Finger on the App 2” on Saturday, March 20 — a digital endurance content that will award $100,000 to whichever committed fan can keep their digit glued to their smartphone the longest.

“Finger on the App 2” will start at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT on March 20, according to the countdown timer on the Beast Games website.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast to his 55.5 million YouTube followers, originally planned to launch “Finger on the App 2” in late December but he was forced to delay it after a crush of downloads crashed the app and required his team to upgrade their servers.

MrBeast announced the new March 20 kick-off date for the game this past Sunday. “Whoever is last to take their finger off my new app wins $100,000! The challenge starts in 6 days and literally all you have to do is hold your finger on the app lol,” Donaldson tweeted. Soon after, “Finger on the App 2” soared to the No. 1 spot on Apple’s App Store ranking of free iPhone apps in the U.S. Through March 15, the app had reached about 679,000 installs globally, according to research firm Sensor Tower.

MrBeast’s first “Finger on the App” contest — a spin on the “Touch the Truck” British gameshow from 20 years ago — launched on June 30, 2020, offering contestants a $25,000 grand prize. MrBeast decided to call an end to the game after 70 hours and doled out $20,000 to each of the final four contestants.

To enter the “Finger on the App 2” contest, players must be 18 years or older and reside in the U.S., Canada (excluding Quebec) or Mexico. The app is available free to download for free for iOS (at this link) and Android (at this link).

Like the first competition, “Finger on the App 2” requires players to continually move their finger around the app to ensure they’re not cheating. The game also features a new Battle Mode that lets users earn “cookies” redeemable for extra lives for use in the main event, with a maximum of three extra lives. To earn cookies, players must outlast or tie their opponent in a 5-minute battle. In addition, players can buy extra lives using in-app purchases (and for a limited time during the main event, a final life will be available for purchase).

Beast Games is encouraging players to livestream during “Finger on the App 2” and have spectators join in as well. The company says it may feature livestreams during the competition from players (who can email a link to their stream to [email protected]).

“Finger on the App 2” was developed by Donaldson’s Beast Interactive Games, part of the 22-year-old North Carolina native’s burgeoning business empire. MrBeast has gained a massive following for his over-the-top feats (like when he dumped 100 million Orbeez in a friend’s backyard) and for stunts in which he gives away thousands of dollars (in his latest video, he offered $100,000 to people to quit their jobs). MrBeast also has used his platform to support philanthropic causes, and his 50-employee company recently launched MrBeast Burger, a virtual restaurant chain.

MrBeast earned $24 million in revenue for the 12 months ended June 1, 2020, according to Forbes estimates, making him the No. 2 top-earning YouTuber over that span (after the family behind Ryan’s World at $29.5 million). MrBeast is managed by Reed Duchscher, head of digital talent agency Night Media.

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