A mum was slammed for wearing white to her son’s wedding.

The controversial outfit choice went viral after the woman tried to flog the lacy floor-length gown on Facebook.

She shared pictures of the dress, along with the caption: “Mother of the groom dress. Perfect condition. Only worn for a few hours.”

Shoppers were flabbergasted by the post and took to Reddit to blast the woman’s wardrobe decision.

One wrote: “That’s a wedding dress. Like it’s an actually bridal gown, not just a white dress but a full on bridal gown. Damn.”

Another joked: “Only worn for a few hours because the bridal party jumped her in the bathroom and ripped it off her.”

A third wrote: “When I first looked at the picture I thought ‘why are we shaming this? That's a lovely wedding dress’.

“Then I read ‘mother of the groom dress’. Holy s*** that is so inappropriate to wear to your son's wedding.”

And a fourth added: “Don't understand it – if my (33m) mother or sister or anyone, tired to wear a white dress to my wedding they would be shamed into changing or forced to leave.”

Others were angered by the woman’s choice of accessories too.

One commented: “The fascinator looks like she wore the top of the cake home. Which makes sense, since she's trying to upstage the bride.”

Another agreed: “That fascinator is also obnoxious as heck. Why is it so big! It looks like a shower loofa.”

A third said: “Fascinator and everything…Damn. She came to play.”

And a fourth pointed out: “Even her nails are white!”

So what do you think of the mother of the bride's outfit? Let us know in the comments below.

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