Feline lucky! Family are left shocked after their cat who went missing for six YEARS is found by the RSPCA – after they moved from London to Australia

  • The Gregory family from Kentish Town lost their kitten Tallulah in 2017 
  • They presumed she was dead until they got a call from the RSPCA who found her
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A cat belonging to a family-of-five, who went missing for six years, was found by the RSPCA after they moved 10,500 miles away to Australia. 

Lisa Gregory, 45, who used to live in Kentish Town, London, with husband James and their three kids Mia, Jed and Ostyn, lost their pet Tallulah when she was  18-months-old. 

After she went out and did not come back home, the Gregorys did ‘everything’ to find Tallualh, posting flyers around the town, knocking on their neighbours’ doors and checking with the local vet.

The family presumed their cat was dead and mourned their loss before they emigrated to Sydney a year later in 2018. 

But Lisa was shocked when she received an email from RSPCA after they found Tallulah near her near their old home. 

A family-of-five’s cat (above), who went missing for six years, was found by the RSPCA after they moved 10,500 miles away to Australia

They now face a £2,000 bill and a year-long wait to get her to come and live Down Under with them.

Lisa said: ‘I couldn’t believe it. Lo and behold I woke up to an email from the RSPCA saying they had our cat.

‘Tallulah is microchipped and they tried to contact me on the phone number registered.

‘But I have a different number now. They have even put notes through the door but we obviously don’t live there any more.

‘I was still in disbelief and asked them to send a picture and of course it’s Tallulah.’

Lisa and James, 57 – parents to Mia 15, Jed 13 and Ostyn 12 – got her from his sister Diana.

She added: ‘She lived with us for 18 months. We had three young children and she was really loved by everyone.

‘She was a delightful kitten the kids could pick her up. But she was very food motivated and she just didn’t come home one day. 

Mia, Ostyn, Lisa and Jed with their pet cat Tallulah. Lisa said she was a very friendly kitten and didn’t mind being picked up by the children 

The Gregorys did ‘everything’ to find Tallualh, having posted flyers around the town, knocked on their neighbours’ doors and checked with the local vet (Pictured: Tallulah with Ostyn when the cat was one)

‘I think she had been fed by someone else. I believe they just kept her and didn’t let her out.

The Greogrys are unsure of what to do now, as Tallulah would need successful blood tests and then a period of quarantine. 

‘During that time we were planning to go to Australia and take her with us. We grieved our loss and just presumed she got lost or died we just did not know.

‘It was sad for the kids, she was a beautiful family pet. The last time we saw her was 2017. We moved to Australia in 2018, settled in Sydney and got a dog.’

Lisa was shocked when she received an email from RSPCA after they found Tallulah near her near their old home (Pictured: Left to right are Ostyn, Mia, James, Lisa and Jed)

Tallulah as a kitten cuddled up with her mum Hazel when she was eight-weeks-old  

Tallulah in 2017 just before she went missing. Her owners tried everything to find her, putting up posters and contacting the local vet 

‘We are still undecided. She is now seven-and-half and the whole process of taking a cat to Australia can take up to 12 months.’

‘It’s a lot of money, about £2,000 and she will be eight-and-a-half before we would get her.’

The other option is for her to live with Diana who bred her where she will be from this weekend.

‘We plan to FaceTime and reconnect that way and decide what is best for her.

‘The RSPCA have been very helpful. She is a beautiful cat and has warmed the hearts of the staff there.’

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