A former Miss Great Britain has spoken up about her love life after dating 100 men – and claims that despite her beauty she never gets chatted up.

April Banbury, 32, from Hertfordshire, won the beauty pageant to be crowned Miss Great Britain 2020, but says that any men she likes usually disappear by the fourth date.

And, she finds being single tricky as she’s always surrounded by brides during her work as a wedding dress designer.

Many engaged customers ask her why she’s not married yet.

April told Fabulous: “In my line of work, I am surrounded by brides-to-be and they ask if I’m married and when I say ‘no’, they always go, ‘Why not?’ Like it’s a certainty!

“I’ve been on more than 100 dates now and I’m done.”

The brunette bombshell claims she’s rarely approached by blokes when out and is never chatted up so has to rely on dating apps and websites.

But, despite being a world renowned beauty, April finds that men usually ditch her once she asks for commitment.

The beauty Queen refuses to sleep with her dates quickly and finds that because she won’t jump into bed with them blokes often get tired of waiting and move on by the fourth date.

April said: "I like to get to know someone before we get into that. I might be old-fashioned in that respect, but that’s not me.”

Alternatively, she asks if they are happy to date exclusively by the fourth date, but many men are scared of commitment and so find it easier to ghost her.

April has even suffered through some horrific dates during her search for love.

She claims one man kept sneezing and wiping his noose on his hands leaving trails of snot all over him.

And, another was constantly on business calls during their date while a third tried to make her pay for everything herself.

But, April is confident and won’t allow herself to be messed around.

She commented: “I don’t know why they ghost me.

“We’re making plans together and then they just disappear. They don’t deserve me.”

The beauty Queen also claims she’s only willing to date one man at a time, but thanks to her terrible experiences she’s taking a break from her love life and focusing on her career.

April has designed the national costume for the Miss Universe competition for the second year in a row.

She also designed for Miss Wales in the Miss World contest in 2021 – so she’s flying high as a fashion designer.

April noted: “In my grandma’s day, you were married by 18 and started a family almost immediately but these days, I feel there’s a shift and people are older before they settle down, for so many reasons.

"Things have changed and marriage and children are not the be all and end all anymore.

“Now I am confident and happy as I am. My career is picking up more than ever and I need to focus on myself.”

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