OnlyFans has changed the world of sex work.

A platform where both women and men can sell explicit content online, in control of their own environment.

The earning potential for the ones who create a successful presence is almost staggering, as more and more people sign up to try and generate additional income.

With accounts attracting monthly subscribers who pay a fee, and extras for videos, OnlyFans workers can make a fruitful living.

How rich can you get from OnlyFans? How many have made millions? And how much money do the entertainers get to keep for themselves?

How many OnlyFans stars have have made over a million?

More than 1,000 creators have earned over $1million (£815,000), OnlyFans reports.

Admittedly, a lot of them are celebrities to begin with, capitalising on their social media following.

Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson has become one of the latest to take home over £1m, having been one of the first celebrities to become a content creator.

Australian Dainty Wilder, a former cam-girl from Sydney, reportedly made more than $100,000 in her first 30 days on the platform, and has confirmed she's made well over that every month since.

Last year, a mum from Leeds announced she had become a millionaire thanks to OnlyFans, having been forced to quit her job as a hairdresser during lockdown.

Gracey Kay initially hoped to earn a bit of extra cash, but that small dream turned into a huge reality very quickly.

Speaking to Leeds Live, Kay said: “It all happened so quickly, I was just watching the money go up and up and up and two days ago I hit £1million.

“I had my best month in March, I earnt $243,00 (£175,493), which is crazy.

“And there was one day that I made about £14,000, which is the same amount I’d typically make in a year as a self-employed hairdresser."

Who is the richest OnlyFans star?

Having deleted his account, Tyga was thought to be the highest male creator, earning around $7m (£5.7m) dollars a month.

While the highest earning of all is Blac Chyna, who reportedly earns $20m (16.3m) a month. Yes, a month.

How much money do OnlyFans take from their entertainers?

OnlyFans take a 20% cut of all earnings made by models.

A fairly modest tax for the entertainers selling X-rated pics, but with 1.2million users, it adds up to quite the amount.

The average earnings of OnlyFans content creators is around $138 (£112) a month.

But due to the success of certain stars, OnlyFans is now worth a whopping $1billion (£815m).

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