After Robin Roberts complained about the ‘living in a penthouse,’ Michael Strahan made fun of her first-world problems.

It all began when Robin Roberts chatted with weatherman Sam Champion on Tuesday’s (March 16) episode of Good Morning America. “I spent several days – a few days – in Connecticut, got back to New York, walked into my apartment last night, [and] a blast of cold air – wind had blown up one of the windows in the living room,” said Robin, 60, much to the shock of the meteorologist. However, it’s not like she’s living in a studio apartment out in Queens. “There were strong wins, but you know, the perils of living in a penthouse,” she said. Though she said she was kidding, the comment got an immediate reaction from her co-host, Michael Strahan.

“I’m totally kidding, totally joking,” protested Robin, as Michael, 49, shouted “OH! OH! OH!” off-screen. That wasn’t enough for the former New York Giants player. He appeared behind her live on the air, posing in a way to mock what Robin just said. The gesture left everyone – Robin, Sam, and the GMA crew – laughing. “Well, we’ll just move right along,” said Sam through his laughter, before adding that Robin’s place was indeed “a lovely home.”

Robin later reflected on the moment while sharing a fancam of the whole exchange. It seemed that the broadcasting giant took the playful mocking in stride. “Always can count on @SamChampion for a good laugh in the morn….today even @michaelstrahan made a cameo appearance! [smiley face covered in hearts emoji],” she tweeted.

Though she may have been joking about the “perils” part, she may have been serious about the penthouse line. Robin and her longtime partner, Amber Laign, have an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, per The Cut (and Zillow noted that in Jan. 2021, the “typical home value of homes in Upper West Side is $1,154,084.” This is a -2.2% change from a year ago.)

Speaking of a year ago, Robin began the COVID-19 pandemic working from home. As a woman with a history of medical issues – including breast cancer and a rare blood disorder – Robin was at an increased risk of catching the novel coronavirus. “New York City, there’s an escalation right there, and because of my underlying health conditions, my doctors thought it best that I work from home,” she said in March 2020. She and Amber spent most of the following 12 months at their home in Connecticut. Yet, with vaccines and dropping case numbers, it was apparently is safe enough for her to return to the Big Apple. Just watch out for the wind, Robin.

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