“I love you” is often considered to be the loveliest phrase you can say to someone you care about.

But men have been sharing the three words they like to hear more than declarations of love.

When the Daily Star asked Facebook users “What three words are better to hear than ‘I love you’?”, dozens of people left their responses.

The most-liked response came from one bloke, who admitted “dinner is ready” is his favourite phrase.

Another suggested: “I cooked steak”.

And on a similar food theme, a third chap said the words “mince and dumplings” are music to his ears.

While food seemed to trump love for many men, there were other amusing responses to our questions.

Other hilarious comments include…

  • Want a beer?
  • Not the father
  • DNA is negative
  • Here’s your divorce
  • Let’s go travelling
  • Queens Park Rangers
  • I’m a millionaire
  • Stick it in
  • You’re a wizard, Harry

We can always count on Daily Star readers to give us a laugh!

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Previously, men revealed the three words they love to hear during sex.

The Daily Star asked men what they like to hear in the bedroom – and apparently, they enjoy being showered with compliments.

In a recent tweet, we asked readers: “Which words turn you on most in the bedroom?”

Responders were given the choice of four options – and there was a clear winner.

The words “that feels good” came out on top, with 29% of voters picking this option.

Apparently, saying “I want you” is another sure-fire way to turn a man on as 26% voted for this phrase.

In joint third place were the naughty words “You’re so big” and “Please don’t stop”.

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