Creating a unique and inclusive trade route model is the key to successful trading in today’s realities. Today, trade routes have become more complex, which includes the constant need to analyze the transport ratio, traffic jams, closed and open streets, driveways, etc. In order for the sales representative not to get lost and make the most efficient use of time and resources, a clear route planning is necessary, which is possible with RepMove.

This application will help you plan your sales system and store visits as quickly and easily as possible, and your sales representative will be satisfied, because he will use his time as productively as possible without making mistakes.

Application as the basis of logistics

RepMove does most of the trading robots for you thanks to its functionality. Using multi stop route planner with the help of the application, you analyze the length of the route, possible traffic problems, traffic jams, closed streets and driveways.

The main thing is that you clearly see the desired sequence of visiting outlets and can calculate the productive time spent by the employee. With the application, the sales process becomes easy and completely controllable, and ceases to be chaotic and inconsistent. This is important, because time is important in trading!

We will easily teach you how to handle the application

Importantly, RepMove is very easy to use and does not require any special skills. The site presents a wide range of possibilities for using the application. Moreover, these features are well illustrated, consistently described so that any user can quickly master them. Complete information is provided on how to link accounts of sales representatives, integrate the device calendar with the application, and create a clear model of sales movements.

All information about RepMove can be found at , which has a learning section and clear instructions on how to use the app.