Should have just stayed at home! Reviews from ridiculously entitled travellers include complaints that a beach was too sandy, curry was served in India and a canoe had no toilet

  • People from all over the world shared their very entitled travel reviews online 
  • One person complained the brochure didn’t mention ‘white’ sand or mosquitoes
  • Another one holidaying in Spain complained were too many Spanish speakers  

Many of us are hoping to escape for a summer holiday abroad this year, as lockdown restrictions ease, but these hilarious travel reviews prove that some people are better off staying at home. 

Entitled tourists from around the world have complained of sandy white beaches that were ‘too sandy,’ Indian restaurants serving too much curry, and mountains being too steep in a hilarious gallery collated by Constative. 

One person moaned that the legendary panting of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, which is on show at the Louvre Museum in Paris, was too small, while another was aggrieved at being bitten by a mosquito.

Perhaps one of the strangest bugbears was from a hotel quest who disapproved of the shape their towel was folded in because they ‘don’t like swans’.  

Constative has collected the funniest reviews posted online by entitled tourists from around the world, including one who was baffled that hot air balloon rides didn’t come with a disclaimer they were not suited for people who were scared of heights 

Sorry Leonardo, but you could have done better. One aggrieved art lover was not impressed by the size of the famous Mona Lisa at The Louvre in Paris  

Life’s not a beach: An eagle-eyed holidaymaker who was expecting a ‘yellow’ sand was disappointed to find it was more of a pale shade 

Biting review! One critic was not happy that the holiday brochure failed to warn that they might encounter a mosquito on their travels  

Water lot of bother! A holidaymaker somehow failed to realise that there would be no bathroom on board their canoe  

Que? It’s unclear what this tourist was expecting of their trip to Spain, but it seems they didn’t havet he foresight to realise not everyone would speak English  

Swanning off! A hotel customer took offence at a swan made out of a towel one of the maids had left behind as decorative touch 

If you don’t like curry, don’t Goa there! One tourist complained that there was too much spicy food on offer on their tripe to India  

Something fishy! A concerned parents said they were not expecting to see fish in the water, and that it scared their children 

One person got upset at basic geography after saying it was ‘unfair’ that it only took Americans three hours to go to Jamaica while it was taking Britons nine hours 

Pooling resources! Some people decided to book a trip to a water park, but didn’t think to pack swimsuits or towels for it 

What were you expecting? Tourists in Europe were dismayed when an incredibly cheap pair of Ray-bans they bought for five euros turned out to be counterfeit 

One person tried a hotel phone shortcut on their cellphone, and complained when it didn’t work 

One tourist said they didn’t appreciate the Mediterranean tradition of ‘siestas,’ where shopkeepers close their shops for a few hours in the afternoon for an after-lunch nap 

Note: if you’re going rafting, don’t bring expensive leather goods with you, pictured, because there is every chance the water will get them wet

Safari not so goody – A tourist who had booked a safari regretted they only had seen antelopes and no ‘good animals’ 

Don’t tell them about Everest! One person complained the mountain they decided to climb was too steep and had too many trees

One entitled person complained the beach they went too had too much sand and created too much of a mess to clean

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