Floyd Mayweather draped himself in platinum and gold chains when he attended the San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat game on Sunday, leading Logan Paul to joke “that’s my check.” Paul is continuing to speak out on the unpaid cash Mayweather owes from their blockbuster exhibition match that took place last summer.

“I don’t really like stress too much about seeing my check around his neck. But like I’m coming after one of those chains or two, trust,” Paul joked with Ariel Helwani on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour. “I think after you fight, you should probably get paid, I don’t think it takes this long to count the money.”

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Paul is currently feuding with Mayweather over unpaid debts, while Paul wasn’t specific with an amount, he says the amount is large enough to make a “fuss” about. During the interview, Paul claimed that he bit his tongue for “the longest time” as people on Mayweather’s team kept assuring him that the money was coming. The money never came, which Paul says left him feeling “offended” and “lied to.”

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“You tell me, man. I’ve not been paid in full, that is a fact. There also have been alleged under the table cash deals that I was excluded from even though my name and likeness was used to sell our fight. He’s in for multiple lawsuits for this fight already,” Paul claimed. “We’re just trying to collect what’s rightfully ours.”

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Mayweather defended himself against the accusations, saying that “back end” money from these events takes time to collect and that it “comes with the territory.” The boxer claimed that he is still collecting on fights from seven or eight years ago. The back end is the cash from the pay-per-view buys, which Paul claims were over 1.2 million.

Paul didn’t seem to buy his excuse and responded bluntly: “It sucks that he came out recently and said something like, ‘This is the name of the game. This is how it works in boxing,’ but I don’t know if it is.”

Mayweather has been urged to pay Paul by Chael Sonnen of UFC fame, who suggested the boxer get ahold of Paul’s people and pay up “before the FBI gets called in to look at the issue.”

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