A Canadian student claims her rental agreement was cancelled by her landlord because she didn’t like her "scary" tattoos.

Kadince Ball recently travelled from Saskatchewan to London, Ontario, for Western University’s medical science course.

The 18-year-old graduated this year and was excited to be going to university.

However, she ran into trouble with her living situation as her landlord who took issue with her tattoos.

"I’ve always wanted to be a doctor and medical schools are getting more competitive now, so it’s important to have a good university bachelor degree and Western is one of the top-rated ones in Canada," Kandince told CBC.

After seeing the property in an online advert, Kadince spoke to the landlord and paid a $50 (£29) deposit.

She also signed the lease before making the two-day trip to London.

The student arrived just before before the lease was due to officially begin on September 1.

However, things soured between her and the landlord when they met in person.

Kadince says she was told: "I don't want you living here".

Then she reportedly replied: "Hey, a lease has been signed, my deposit has been sent over – what is the problem?"

She added: "Every time I would ask her, ‘Why not? Is there anything I can do? Do we need to revise the lease?’

"But there was nothing from her end. It was just, ‘I don’t want you living here'."

Luckily, Kadince found another apartment in the end – and her new landlord even let her move in early.

The previous landlord finally explained her problem with the teen, which was apparently that she didn't like her tattoos.

These include a snake wrapped around a flower on Kandince's forearm, a cherub on one shoulder and a flower on the other.

"It covered almost 70% of her arm. That’s why I don’t want to rent it to her because it’s scary, so scary," the landlord told the publication.

Kandince said the landlord's actions left her "speechless".

She said: "A lease was signed and because I look a certain way, I was denied tenancy.

"None of my tattoos are offensive. They are works of art, they are somebody’s works of art on my body…"

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