• Fans think Lady Gaga could be competing in the Tokyo Olympics after photos emerge of taekwondo events.
  • The “Rain On Me” singer actually has a doppelganger named Julyana AlSadeq, who competes in taekwondo on Jordan’s Olympic team.
  • Gaga and AlSadeq look so similar it’s hard to tell them apart in side-by-side photos.

Turn on the Olympic women’s taekwondo tournament, and you might be shocked to see Lady Gaga out there taking on the competition on the international stage. Or, at least, it looks like she’s kicking some serious butt in the Tokyo Summer Games.

Julyana AlSadeq is a taekwondo competitor from Jordan who is a dead-ringer for Gaga—and plenty of people on social media have noticed. “Why is Lady Gaga in the Olympics?” a fan account wrote on Twitter. That is a very good question. Is the singer secretly an Olympic athlete? Lady Gaga does follow an in-tense fitness routine that resembles an athlete’s schedule, tbh.

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