The Kardashians have always been known to stick together, and they are constantly in and out of one another’s houses, keeping all the children and grandchildren close to one another. It only makes sense to live next to one another, too. It was recently revealed that Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were building side-by-side compounds together on a piece of very expansive land they purchased in Hidden Hills, and it has just been revealed that Kylie is joining the fun with a custom $15 million build of her own. Daily Mail reports on all of the luxurious features in Kylie’s super mansion which are undoubtedly astounding, and being closer to her family will carry many perks.

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Being close to family is one thing, but being this close is a whole other story. Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner’s compound has been designed with both of their homes situated within mere feet of one another. They’re truly a stone’s throw away from one another, but each of them has an abundance of space within their own homes to spread out and be more than comfortable.

Now, with the addition of Kylie’s mansion in such close proximity, the family will truly be united like never before.

Kylie had actually purchased this lot some time ago, but she has just now broken ground on the custom construction in order to build her dream home. All efforts are now being put towards ensuring the design elements and features completely suit her every need.

Daily Mail reports that she plans to build a huge 18,000 square foot home on this plot of land, and confirm that she has made this massive $15 million purchase in cold hard cash. t

The land once belonged to Miley Cyrus, who purchased it as a home for her horses,  but never got around to building on the land.

Kylie definitely has plans for it – big plans. Daily Mail indicates she has already had her design plans approved for “a 12-car garage, guesthouse, barn, guard shack for a full-time security detail, sports court and a pool.”

Purchasing multi-million dollar property right next to the family seems to be the new Kardashian tradition, making it possible for the clan to enjoy one another’s company and host elaborate gatherings, while also being able to privately retract into their own space and not have to share their space.

There’s no set date of completion for Kylie’s new mansion, but in the meantime, she also has a $36.5 million mansion in Holmby Hills and a $13 million abode with her co-parenting partner Travis Scott in Palm Springs, as well.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Variety

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