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Let’s be real, a big celeb like Kim Kardashian has access to all kinds of beauty products and treatments. So, if she shouts out a product and gives it her stamp of approval, you know it has to be good. Per Us Weekly, Kardashian shared her love for an at-home exfoliation device she credited for achieving “brighter and smoother skin.” It’s much more affordable than in-office treatments that offer the same thing, and it’s even on sale now for 30% off using our exclusive code SHEKNOWS.

PMD Beauty’s Personal Microderm Pro is a device made to give you smoother, brighter, and firmer skin. It features a patented spinning discs technology that help exfoliate away dead skin cells to make room for new cell growth. Not only that, it also has a perfectly calibrated vacuum suction that helps increase circulation and trigger’s the skin’s natural healing process. In doing so, it may boost collagen and elastin to give you firmer and more radiant skin. While the product is great to use on your face, you can also use it to help smooth arm bumps and calluses, and even fight signs of aging on hands. It’s no wonder it caught the attention of Kim K!

“I love doing this type of treatment during the spring and summer, as the sun can be SO damaging to the skin,” Kardashian said about the product on her KKW app back in 2018. “This at-home tool deeply exfoliates the top layer of your skin to reveal brighter and smoother skin.”

Kim K isn’t the only one raving over PMD’s Personal Microderm Pro. In fact, it has hundreds of reviews, most of which are positive. One shopper who “can’t live without” the device wrote, “It’s the best facial device I’ve ever used because of its deep cleaning and brightening effect. It helps with all your products to absorb much much better. Overall, I give it a 10!”

Another reviewer was pleased by how fast it worked writing, “I truly love it! Within one use, I noticed results. My skin was so much softer and had a wonderful glow. My serums set perfectly … All in all, very happy I finally invested!”

Finally, one shopper loved how it gave them more youthful-looking skin. “I have used the Microderm Pro twice so far and already see a difference,” they wrote. “My skin was looking dull and older than I would like. Now my skin has already started to look more refreshed and smooth. Can’t wait to see what my skin will look like in a few months.”

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