KFC fans have been left furious after finding out some branches are NOT offering a half-price discount.

Fast food lovers were in for a shock when they were told they would have to pay full price – despite the chain taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Under the government scheme, foodies are entitled to 50 per cent off their bill – up to £10 per person -on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday in August.

But some fried chicken fans claim they have been told they can't get the discount, even when they order to eat in branch.

Some customers claim branches have imposed a £10 minimum spend before they can even get the discount – although KFC says this isn't true.

A KFC spokesperson told The Sun Online: “We’re offering guests a 50 per cent discount across the board, up to £10 per person with no minimum spend.

"As per the government intentions for the scheme, it’s available on food ordered to eat in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays throughout August.

"We currently have 580 restaurants participating, which you can find on our website. For those worrying they’ll miss out, we’re also adding even more over the next couple of days to bring this up to around of our 700 restaurants."

Customers have said KFC branches in Whitstable, Hounslow and Paisley were not doing the half price meals.

When The Sun checked, we found two branches in both Paisley and Hounslow; both towns had one branch taking part in the scheme while the the other is excluded. The Whitstable outlet is not participating.

One Twitter user wrote: "Hey @KFC_UKI very unhappy, in your Whitstable store and they're not giving the #EatOutToHelpOut discount.

"But it says you're subscribed to the scheme???? We dined in and I have my receipt."

Another said: "@kfc are you taking part in the UK government #EatOutToHelpOut scheme?

"I have just bought food and we didn't get a discount so I was wondering as you are on many lists."

Another said the discount won't be automatically applied unless customers request it, while someone else added that she had to pay full price due to ordering at the self-service machine in branch.

KFC has since told The Sun that customers need to let staff know that they will be sitting in so the discount can be applied.

Customers ordering through the self-service kiosk will need to click the Eat Out to Help Out button when paying for their order.

And an NHS worker said she didn't realise she wouldn't be entitled to the 50 per cent off offer on top of her 10 per cent Blue Light discount, even though the rules say that Eat Out to Help Out can be stacked on top other deals.


Pret customers, meanwhile, have been experiencing similar trouble getting the discount.

The cafe chain insists the incentive has been rolled out in all 500 branches but shoppers say they have been unable to get money off at the till across London, Manchester and Cardiff.

David wrote: "Do you want to let your Finchley Road, London store know that [Pret has signed up to the scheme]?

"Your staff knew nothing about it except the manager who claimed it was only on in the afternoons (against government guidelines).

"Making people pay full price or turning them away. Will you compensate these customers?"

Aaron said: "I was told Pret wasn’t part of the scheme when I asked in @Pret in @NetworkRailMAN station today."

A Pret spokesperson told The Sun that all Pret stores that have seating areas are taking partin the discount scheme.

They said: "We’re working hard to make sure it’s properly implemented in all eligible shops.

"We’re reviewing the roll-out of the programme each day and are making sure all team members understand how it works.

"If customers are experiencing any problems, please contact our customer service team and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

Retailers that have registered with the scheme should automatically apply the discount for customers at the till.

But one Pret diner said they were refused the discount and were told that they needed a voucher.

They wrote: "Is there any voucher to be used for this? Went to Wandsworth store and barista asked for a voucher where I had no idea.

"Is there any? Highly disappointed with the revert from barista."

How will the Eat Out to Help Out scheme work?

THE government will cover half of the cost of a meal out, up to £10 a head, including children’s meals.

The discount means that a meal out for one that costs £20 will be reduced to £10, but a £25 meal for one will be slashed to £15 because of the £10 cap per person.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the discount, so in theory you can get half price meals on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August.

Businesses will need to register with the scheme on Gov.uk before being able to offer the discount, as well as be Food Standards Agency approved.

Instead of issuing discount vouchers – which the government felt increased the risk of fraud – restaurants, cafes and pubs will be able to claim back the cash.

The refund will then been transferred into restaurants, cafes and pubs' bank accounts within five working days.

Customers will only receive the discount if they eat out at a registered business.

Other Pret shoppers claim the discount isn't being applied to drinks in plastic bottles, even though only alcoholic beverages are excluded from the deal.

One customer wrote: "[I] was told today any plastic bottled drinks aren't included is this correct? Also tins of fruit?

"If it's hot a child would prefer a cool drink rather than hot chocolate."

The Help Out to Eat Out scheme launched yesterday and runs until August 31.

The chancellor hopes the incentive will get Brits eating in restaurants, pubs and cafes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays throughout summer to boost the hospitality industry.

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