After the lights switch on from a big night out on the dance floor, hoards of party-goers filter out onto the street wondering where the night will take them next.

Home or back to a friend's place?

Well scrap the after parties, the kebab shop is the best place to be after a night out on the town.

British takeaways help to soak up the night's pints and eavesdrop on unusual stories from punters.

But instead of grabbing the popcorn and watching all the drama unfold, I usually have a chicken kebab and portion of cheesy chips in hand!

Here are some of the wildest stories I've heard at my favourite kebab shop, which may as well be my second home at this point.

Ice to meet you

One of the stranger things I have witnessed is a Cornetto licking competition.

As to where the lollies came from is beyond me.

But, two boozed up lads took to their cones to see who could slurp up the most ice cream the fastest.

Picking up the pace, the guys put their tongues into action in the strangest battle I have witnessed.

Unfortunately for one of the lads, the mix of alcohol and Cornetto did not go down a treat.

It didn't take him long to spew in front of everyone, which was quite off-putting for those of us with food.

In a pickle

In another food-related mishap, a takeaway punter had a meltdown over his order.

An angry customer was close to brawling with the entire joint after demanding a whole jar of gherkins for his kebab.

He was so eager for pickles that he begged the owner for the jar to please his drunken taste buds.

But sadly, he was ignored as the queue continued to grow.

He did not receive his request and which left him with a barrage of banter from fellow kebab fans.

When the chips are down

Chatting up someone outside a kebab shop does not seem the most romantic place to declare your feelings.

But one lad took his chances – and failed miserably.

Munching on his post-pub chips, the lad attempted to flirt with a girl who took his fancy.

In impressively athletic style, the woman was having none of it and proceeded to karate kick the chips out of his hands.

With brilliant aim but unlucky for the lad, the girl made the chips rain over him and other punters like a scene out of Money Heist.

Embarrassed by the unusual let down, the lad walked off without the woman's number and £2.50 worth of chips laying on the ground.

God loves a trier, though.

Many of us are in bed at three in the morning, some of us want a kebab or a Cornetto.

Let us know in the comments what the strangest thing you have witnessed after a night out!

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